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What is it?

DRA has developed a new Property Tax Equalization System (EQ) in partnership with T2.  The system continues to provide the core functionality required to complete the process, while incoporating a modern interface with expanded functionality.  R Statistical Consulting was engaged to streamline the extensive statistical calculations to increase speed and imporove the user experience.  The system is web-based and requires that users have an internet browser and access to the internet.  For more information please contact your DRA field representative.  A list of representatives by town can be found here

Learn More

Here you can find the first iteration of the user reference guide.  This is also a good resource for getting a feel for how the program looks and feels.  Here you can find the Validation quick help sheets.  

Training Schedule:  Equalization user training will be held on the following days and locations.

Wednesday December 12, 2012: 10:00AM-Department of Revenue, Concord NH

Note: A photo ID is now required to enter the DRA.  Please be sure to have your photo ID when you attend training sessions.


To sign up for training please email: Appraisal@dra.nh.gov


The updated R statistical ratio study engine was designed and coded in cooperation with R Statistical Consulting, an international leader in streamlined statistics.


Video Training

Lesson 1-Introduction


Lesson 2-Sales Verification

Lesson 3-Questions