Impulse RM Retroreflectometer

The Impulse RM Retroreflectometer includes:

  • Impulse RM unit
  • Soft carrying case
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Instruction manual


The benefits of the Impulse RM Retroreflectometer are:


  • The retroreflectometer can be used for Sign Inventory and Management, GPS Offset Mapping, GIS Data Collection, and Traffic Engineering, and Safety Asset Management

  • Measures retroreflectivity from distances of 24 to 37 meters away from the sign

  • Intelligent, on-board computer calculates slope distances that can be displayed in feet or meters

  • Audio and visual indicators assure positive target acquisition

  • RS232 serial port allows you to store data externally: data is transferred automatically or by manual key press.

For more information, download the Laser Technology, Inc. flyer for the Impulse Retroreflectometer. 


If your municipality is interested in borrowing the Impulse RM Retroreflectometer, please fill out the online form, which can be accessed here.