2018 UNH T2 User Survey

The University of New Hampshire Technology Transfer Center (T2 Center) wants to ensure we continue to offer training and services that meet your needs.  We invite you to complete the 2018 UNH T2 User Survey so that we may gather your input, to continue to provide you meaningful services, training, resources, and outreach to support your public works goals.  We expect the survey will take about 10 minutes, and greatly appreciate your time. 

We hope to generate responses from as many public works professionals and municipal highway organizations in New Hampshire as possible.  This includes leadership at town and city public works departments, as well as highway and road crewmembers, foremen, municipal equipment operators, administration within public works teams, and others who are employees of New Hampshire’s public works and road agencies and engage with UNH T2.

There are two ways you as an individual can respond to the survey from now until 10/30/2018.  Please only respond once, via one method or the other. 

  1. The survey is available electronically here.  The online survey will be available until 10/30/2018. 
  2. Print and complete the paper questionnaire here and send it back using the self­-addressed, postage-paid mailer per the directions on the back page.  Please be sure to trifold the document and tape it with the business reply, postage paid section showing.   We request that all responses be received by 10/30/2018.
  3. We are mailing copies of the survey to our postal mailing list, also.  If you receive a copy of the survey in the mail, please only complete it if you have not already responded via one of the above methods.  Feel free to pass it along to another colleague on your department’s team, also. 

The questions are the same on both the electronic and paper versions. You will find the electronic version to be quick and easy, and using it will result in us receiving your reply quickly, and also saves on postage costs. 

Thank you very much for your time in responding to the survey. Your input is valuable in helping us to continue meeting your training needs.