Coming Soon! Registration for 2022 Workshops!

Noticing lots of new training topics and session dates on the training calendar, but not sure how to register?  You haven't missed anything - registration will open soon, and registration links will be updated at that time.  New this year - to be eligible for Roads Scholar hours, attendees must complete a pre- and post-test, as well as will need to join from a camera-enabled device in order to have video turned on during the sessions.  Don't have a camera enabled device?  That's ok- reach out to Marilee Enus to discuss alternatives to be sure you can still participate!

Registration for UNH T2 virtual and in-person workshops will continue to be completed in this year, so we recommend taking a moment to update your account in advance of registration opening soon!   

Group Account ("Family Portal") Administrators:

If your public works team has a Group Account (also known as a Family Portal) administered through your administrative assistant, DPW Director, or other primary point of contact, please be sure your group account is up to date.  If the administrator has moved on or otherwise changed, we should update your primary group admin, as well as make sure any student email addresses are accurate.  Group admins should keep in mind that their group admin user name is different than their personal student user name.  We have several videos to support you in maintaining and using your Group Account.

Student Accounts:

If you are a "student" - employed by a local agency and participating in UNH T2 training - you likely already have a student profile setup under your group account.  We've compiled several videos to assist you in accessing your student profile, including to see your full learning history, transcript, and other details.  If you are trying to reset your password but the password reset email is not coming to you, it's likely that your account was created with an administrator's email as point of contact.  Contact so we can assist with updating your student profile to reflect your own email address, at which time you will then be able to reset your password and log-in to your student profile.