T2's new online registration and payment portal- Learnforlife.unh.edu

Learnforlife.unh.edu is coming! We'll post updates here as they are available!

The 2019 Workshop Calendar will be released soon.  Coinciding with that, UNH T2 is excited to move to Learnforlife.unh.edu, our new online registration and payment portal.  Learnforlife.unh.edu will allow users to register online, and pay for T2 workshops with a credit card, saving you the time of waiting for and processing an invoice.  Here are a few things to be aware of as we finalize our integration to Learnforlife.unh.edu:


Streamline your organization’s registration process – let me know if you’d like to be setup as “Group” with one point-of-contact at your organization who can register multiple people at a time!

  • Account creation and registration will be done as an individual unless an organization dedicates a Group Administrator and we set your organization up as a group with all members listed.
  • Group functionality will allow the Group Administrator to register multiple people to a course (rather than register each individually separately).  We highly recommend this option if you are a town or organization with an administrator or other single point of contact for workshop registration, or if you’d like to consolidate registration requests under one approver.


Learnforlife.unh.edu will streamline how we invoice- and how you pay for registrations!

  • Invoices will generate at time of registration, and will only be available electronically.  T2 will no longer mail invoices, but you will be able to access your invoice via Learnforlife.unh.edu, by selecting “My Invoices.”  You’ll also receive an emailed invoice at the time your registration is completed.
  • Invoices will be payable upon receipt.  We’re requesting registration fees to be paid before the workshop date.
  • Credit card payments will now be accepted!  While you will still be able to pay invoices with a check, we’re very pleased to offer the option to pay invoices by credit card (including paying at the time of registration).


So that’s all awesome- but when will you be able to register for a 2019 workshop using Learnforlife.unh.edu?

  • If you’ve been watching our 2019 Workshop Calendar on our website, you know we posted several workshop dates.  You might have even registered for one of those workshops!  For now, though, we’ve removed workshop dates from the calendar and are not taking any additional registrations just yet.
  • Don’t worry- Stephanie is hard at work scheduling LOTS of great workshops for 2019.  We hope to complete the transition to Learnforlife.unh.edu by March 1st, and release the 2019 workshop calendar then along with the ability to register for all scheduled workshops. 
  • If you’ve already registered for a 2019 workshop and received a confirmation email from us, you’re registration is safe!  We will move your registration over to the new Learnforlife.unh.edu system in the coming weeks, which will trigger an invoice and additional communication from us.  We’ll keep in touch as we work through this process, so you’ll know what to expect.
  • You can also get a head start by creating an account prior to registration.  Go to https://learnforlife.unh.edu, select Login in the top right corner and select “Student Login”.  You’ll see a section labeled “I am a new user” and can follow the prompts to creating your new account. 


While we know that rolling out new software has its challenges, we’re really excited for the enhanced functionality, user experience, and payment options that Learnforlife.unh.edu will allow.  We’re looking forward to finishing our transition to this new platform as quickly as possible, so we can open the 2019 registration process. Please watch for more info in coming weeks, and be sure to connect with me at marilee.lafond@unh.edu if you’d like to set your organization up for “Group” registration functionality with Learnforlife.unh.edu.