ATSSA Flagger Certification


Why consider ATSSA Flagger Certification?

NHDOT 2016 Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction Section 618 3.3 states “Flaggers.  All flagging personnel shall be trained by a designated trainer at least once every four years.  The course shall cover the topics outlined under 3.2.1.  Each flagger shall receive from the designated trainer, a card or certificate that provides the date of training and the designated trainer’s name.  Upon request by the Engineer, the Contractor and its Subcontractors shall provide verification of training within 48 hours.  Any flagger who is trained by a designated trainer and changes employer, must be retrained by the new employer.  Flaggers may elect to take a designated trainer course to meet the training requirements in this section, which would not expire with a change of employers.”  


Certification Process

  • Certification process is intended for those who are being certified for the first time, or whose certification expired due to non-renewal within four years of the original issue date
  • To pursue ATSSA Flagger Certification through T2, first complete the ATSSA Flagger Training workshop
  • Successfully pass the examination offered at the workshop
  • Submit the certification application, including the names of two references familiar with your work history, to ATSSA with the appropriate certification application fee.
  • ATSSA will review your application, training and work experience, and upon approval of the ATSSA Certification Board, you will receive your certificate, valid for up to four (4) years.


Recertification Process

  • The recertification process is intended for those whose certification is valid within the past four years and has not expired.
  • To remain certified, ATSSA requires recertification every four (4) years. 
  • T2 offers a Flagger Renewal (ATSSA) workshop, at which attendees will complete the required ATSSA exam for renewal. 
  • In addition, attendees must submit a completed Recertification Request Form via mail or fax, along with payment, to ATSSA.