Drainage T2 Workshop Manual ($15.00)
Various drainage concepts and features. Problems with drainage and proper maintenance to ensure good drainage are also discussed. UNH T2 Center.

Excavation, Trenching, and Shoring Safety URL 
Many who work in construction will tell you that accidents should be expected - "it's just the cost of doing business". This is not acceptable. We must ask the question, "Why do these accidents continue to occur?" The answer can only be that the message is not getting out to those who need it most-the workers involved in trenching and excavation activities. AFSCME.

Highway Safety and Trees - The Delicate Balance PDF
Useful information for state and local highway agency meetings where policies related to tree planting, removal, or mitigation are established. Also useful for public hearings on proposed construction projects that may include the removal of trees to improve safety, and town meetings to describe the issues associated with trees and roadside safety, and to encourage cooperation when addressing these issues. FHWA.

Maintenance of Drainage Features for Safety: A Guide for Local Street and Highway Maintenance Personnel PDF 
This guide was prepared to help local road agency maintenance workers understand the importance of maintaining and upgrading drainage features on their road system. Storm water that stands or ponds on the road surface and shoulders can contribute to crashes. It can cause hydroplaning under water conditions and skidding under icing conditions. Water run-off can deteriorate the shoulder, side slopes, and reduce the effectiveness of safety hardware (guardrails, sign posts, etc.). This guide identifies typical drainage problems and suggests corrective measures to improve safety. FHWA, July 2009.

Pollution Prevention Fact Sheets: Catch Basins URL
Informs about applicability, limitations, siting and design considerations, maintenance considerations, effectiveness and cost considerations regarding catch basins. SMRC.

Road Drainage and West Nile Virus  PDF
Provides a collection of papers from Stormwater, the Journal for Surface Water Quality Professionals.

Storm Water O&M Fact Sheet Catch Basin Cleaning PDF 
Informs on applicability, advantages and disadvantages, performance, operation and maintenance, and costs of catch basin cleaning. EPA.

The Value of More Frequent Cleanouts of Storm Drain Inlets PDF
This article explains why it is important to clean storm drain inlets more frequently. Center for Watershed Protection.

Water/Road Interaction Field Guide URL
Guide to damaging problems due to water/road interaction, including information on how to identify causes and improve existing problems. USDA Forest Service.