Green SnowPro Training and NHDES Certification

**The NHDES is diligently working to fill the Salt Reduction Coordinator position. During this time, please understand that applications and recertifications are being processed as quickly as possible.  Your patience is appreciated. 

2018 Green SnowPro Trainings: Register here

Green SnowPro : The cost for the Training is $100 per person for municipalities and  $200 for private companies. 

Green SnowPro Training

Manchester Highway Dept., 475 Valley Street, Manchester


Green SnowPro Training

Philip Read Memorial Library, 1088 Route 12A, Plainfield


Green SnowPro Training

NEW Green SnowPro Training

Lincoln Town Offices, 185 Main Street, Linco

NHDES Office Building, Concord



Green SnowPro Training

Peterborough community center-25 Elm Street


Green SnowPro Training

*Hugh Gregg Coastal Conservation Center, 89 Depot Road, Greenland


Green SnowPro Training Weirs Community Center, 25 Lucenr Ave, Laconia 10/30/2018


Green SnowPro - Power of Salt Brine:  (*counts toward Salt Applicator recertification training)The cost for the Training is $60 per person for municipalities and  $120 for private companies.

GSP The Power of Salt Brine

CS Building, 271 Mast Road, Dover


GSP The Power of Salt Brine

DPW training room, 13 Newfields Road, Exeter



Green SnowPro Refresher:  The cost for the Training is $25 per person for municipalities and $50 for private companies.  

Green SnowPro Refresher                      Old Town Hall, 91 Bow Center Road, Bow 4/24/2018
Green SnowPro Refresher Enfield DPW, 74 Lockehaven Road, Enfield 9/6/2018
Green SnowPro Refresher Freight House, 1 Moultonville Road, Ossipee 10/23/2018


Any questions regarding the UNH Technology Transfer Center salt applicator workshops should be directed to or 603-862-2826


New Hampshire Green SnowPro 

The UNH T2 Center offers a full day Green SnowPro Training course focused on efficient and environmentally friendly winter maintenance practices. The course covers the basics of salt reduction including:

  • Equipment Calibration
  • Anti-Icing
  • Brine Making
  • Pre-wetting with Brine and Other Liquids
  • Effecient Application Rate Changes with Pavement Temperature
  • Effective Plowing
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Salt Accounting
  • Environmental Impacts

The course is approximately 4.5 hours of classroom instruction after which participants take a 30 minute exam to qualify for certification.

It is important to note that although the training is through the Technology Transfer Center, certification is provided by the NHDES.

Currently, there are over 1,000 individuals who have successfully completed the Green SnowPro Training.

BMP Manual and Training Program materials

Green SnowPro - Power of Salt Brine:

The UNH T2 Center offers this 4 hour Green SnowPro - Power of Salt Brine workshop focused on the uses, efforts and costs regarding Salt Brine.  The course applies as continuing education towards the salt applicator certificate.


NHDES Salt Applicator Certification

Individuals who have attended the Green SnowPro Training and have passed the exam are eligible to apply for the voluntary NHDES Salt Applicator Certification per RSA 489-C and Code of Administrative Rules, amended  and  adopted effective June 1, 2018 Env-Wq 2200.  To obtain your certification from NHDES and obtain liability protection for you and your clients from slip and falls you must:

  • Take the Green SnowPro Training workshop and pass the exam
Exam Retake Policy:  Retake Policy
Recertification Policy:
  • Annually apply to NHDES Salt Application Form (certification expires every June) 
  • Every 2 years attend at least 2 hours of Professional Development Courses. Currently T2 offers a 2 hour refresher course and a 4 hour course on Salt Brine, which counts towards the Applicator Certificate. 
  • Annually log your total salt usage into the FREE Salt Management System.
  • To ensure maximum liability protection also keep track of your activities for each storm event including each site visit, target application rates, weather conditions, and use of recommended best practices. You may use the free salt accounting system to track these records.

Want more information on the Salt Applicator certification?


Ted Diers at


NH Laws and Rules:

NH Title L Water Management and Protection, Chapter 489-C, Salt Applicator Certification Option 

NH Code of Administrative Rules,  Chapter Env-Wq 2200 Voluntary Certified Salt Applicator Program, amended and adopted effective June 1, 2018.

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