How Roads Scholar Hours Are Earned

How Roads Scholar credit is earned 

UNH T2 shares a variety of training opportunities on its Training Calendar.  Some events are "JFYI" and may be of interest to some of our public works friends, but are not directly affiliated with, hosted by, or otherwise connected to UNH T2.  We're just letting you know in case the event is of interest to you!  These and some other events may not be eligible for NH Roads Scholar hours, as indicated by the "0" in the Credit field on the calendar entry.  However, it may be possible to apply credit for training (such as events we share outside our program) to an individual's Electives under the NH Roads Scholar Program.  You can earn and apply up to 10 Electives (for more details on what qualifies, visit our Roads Scholar page).

Pre- and Post-Evaluations & Attendance

For both virtual and in-person workshops, attendees must arrive within 10 minutes of the start of the workshop as well as be present and participating the entire time (either in-person or via chat, polls, attendance calls, and other activities for virtual workshops).   In order to receive any applicable Roads Scholar credit, attendees must complete both the pre- and post-evaluation.  In addition, for virtual workshops attendees must be sure to follow the initial and ongoing attendance check-in processes as instructed by the Facilitator.  If a virtual attendee does not complete all requirements of participation, including all steps for attendance, s/he will see an "Incomplete" on his or her transcript, and will not receive Roads Scholar hours.   

Some courses will have additional or other requirements related to successful completion, and these expectations will be communicated at the start of the workshop.  

What if I've taken a workshop previously and am retaking it?

Some attendees choose to retake a UNH T2 workshop, or are required to do so to maintain a certification.   The following outlines scenarios in which a workshop may again be eligible for NH Roads Scholar hours when taken an additional time.


  • If the course is equired to be taken on a scheduled basis in order to maintain certification, such as Certified Culvert Maintainer and Green SnowPro, UNH T2 will identify those attendees retaking the certification course and apply additional NH Roads Scholar credit as appropriate.
  • If in consultation with UNH T2 prior to the workshop, it's agreed that the content in the workshop (the information being communicated, learning objectives, or other learning activities) has been significantly changed or updated since the individual last took the workshop, NH Roads Scholar hours may be applied to the course again. Since Learnforlife does not automatically apply "duplicate" course hours, it's important that attendees who've taken the same class in the past be sure to notify the UNH T2 facilator or other UNH T2 staff so that we can manually apply the additional credit to his or her certificate.
  • If the course has not undergone significant changes in content, learning activities, or other learning objectives, attendees who've taken it in the past will not receive NH Roads Scholar credit for retaking the course.