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Avoid a Bridge Catastrophe (Spring 1987)
Timber Bridges (Spring 1987)
Posting Bridge Weight Limits (Fall 1987)
Glue-Laminated Timber Bridges (Summer 1990)
Timber as a Bridge Material (Summer 1990)
Pre-Cast Concrete Modular Bridge (Summer 1991)
Wood Preservatives: Their Use and Application in Timber Bridges (Summer 1992)
Boiled Linseed Anti-Spalling Compound (Spring 1994)
Protecting Concrete Structures (Spring 1994)
NH Municipal Bridge Aid Program (Summer 1994)
NHDOT Process for Bridge Aid (Summer 1996)
Bridge Management Programs (Summer 1999)
Fast Track Bridge (Fall 2004)
Bridge Maintenance Practices (Summer 2006)
Hancock Public Works Replaces Antrim Road Bridge (Spring 2010)
Weare DPW Replaces Bridge on Abijah Bridge Road (Summer 2010)
Bridging the Bay: Phase 1 Near Milestone (Winter 2012) 
Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Integrated Bridge System (Winter 2012)
Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Integrated Bridge System (Summer 2013)
Take Care of Your Bridges Now Before it's Too Late! (Fall 2014)



Soft Does Not Mean Easy: Buying Software (Fall 1987)
Checklist for Buying a Computer System (Winter 1987)
Computer Viruses (Spring 1988)
Tips to Prevent Hard Disk Problems (Summer 1988)
Keep it Clean! (Spring 1990)
Scrambled Disks and Fried Drives (Fall 1990)
Directories and Subdirectories (Winter 1990)
Inside Your Computer (Winter 1991)
Working with a Hand-me-Down Computer (Spring 1992)
Computers in Public Works (Spring 1998)
Electronic Mail for Public Works (Summer 1998)
Year 2000 Problems (Fall 1998)
GIS (Winter 1998)
Join (Winter 2000)
Creating Effective Websites (Winter 2000)
Email Etiquette (Winter 2004)
Blogging: Who is Protected? (Winter 2005)
Public Works Software (Summer 2006)
Collecting Roadway Assets for Local Agencies: "A New Approach" (Summer 2007)
Pavement Managements Systems (Fall 2007)
Public Works Management System Software Update (Fall 2008)
Administrative Tips: Computer Protection (Winter 2009)
New Technology for Local Roads (Spring 2011)
Effective Email Communication (Spring 2011)
Smart Phone Apps for Public Works (Fall 2012) 

Culverts & Catch Basins

Frozen Culverts (Fall 1990)
Opening and Protecting Culvert Ends (Fall 1990)
Culvert Tips (Winter 1992)
Culvert Inspection (Fall 2000)
Test Your Culvert Design Knowledge (Fall 2001)
Catch Basin Cleaning (Winter 2002)
Culvert Maintenance and Repair (Spring 2003)
Place Culverts Correctly the First Time (Summer 2003)
New London Culvert Repair (Summer 2005)
Culvert Inspection and Rehabilitation (Fall 2005)
Two Slip Lining Culvert Projects (Winter 2006)
Proper Culvert Installation (Fall 2009)


One Dollar Spent on Drainage Will Save Two Dollars on Maintenance (Summer 1987)
Best Defense in the War Against Potholes (Summer 1987)
A Pothole-Free Environment (Spring 1988)
Quick and Easy Pothole Repair (Spring 1991)
Dam It! Those Beavers (Summer 1991)
Curing Road Acne (Fall 1991)
Clean Your Ditches (Summer 1992)
Drainage Management (Summer 1992)
Cold Mix Pothole Repair in Asphalt Surfaced Pavements (Spring 1994)
On the Road in NH: Benefits of Ditch Maintenance (Summer 1995)
Cost Effective Pothole Repair (Winter 1998)
Ditch Basics (Winter 2000)
How Potholes Form (Summer 2001)
Pulverized Glass Aggregate (Spring 2003)
Road Drainage Can Become Focus in Combating West Nile Virus (Spring 2004)
Importance of Drainage (Winter 2004)
Pothole Patching (Spring 2005)
If You Can't Drain It-You Can't Maintain It (Spring 2007)
Temporary Dams (Winter 2007)
Pothole Drainage and Repair (Spring 2010)


Viewpoint: Using Common Sense with Treated Wood (Summer 1992)
The Environment and Calcium Chloride (Spring 1993)
Planting Salt Resistant Vegetation (Summer 1996)
On the Road in NH: Obtaining Wetland Permits (Spring 2001)
Wetlands Permits (Spring 2001)
PGA (Spring 2003)
Wetlands Permit Saves Time (Summer 2003)
Tips for Public Works Facilities (Summer 2004)
Topographical Maps (Winter 2004)
Stream-Crossing on the Ashuelot River (Summer 2007)
Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act (Summer 2008)
Natural Erosion Prevention Techniques (Winter 2008)
Success with Beaver Deceivers in Andover (Spring 2009)
Invasive Plants on Our Roadsides (Fall 2009)
NHDOT Crews Apply BMPs to Roadside Invasive Plants (Winter 2009)
Processed Glass Aggregate (Spring 2010)
A College Powered by Garbage (Summer 2010)
Roadside Vegetation Management (Spring 2011)
Street Dirt: An Alternative to Analyzing Stormwater (Spring 2011)

Every Day Counts

Every Day Counts Initiatives (Fall 2012)

Gravel Roads

Installation of Geotextiles on Gravel Roads (Winter 1988)
Daily Maintenance of Motor Graders (Summer 1989)
Who Uses Their Snowplow Hitch in the Summer? (Summer 1989)
Blading Aggregate Surfaces (Summer 1989)
Geotextiles (Spring 1990)
On the Road in NH: Gilford Dust Control (Fall 1990)
Grading Gravel Roads (Fall 1991)
A Diet Tip for Hungry Gravel Roads (Winter 1991)
What Makes a Good Gravel Road (Spring 1992)
Ripples in the Road: Washboarding (Summer 1999)
Paving Gravel Roads (Spring 2002)
Pulverized Glass Aggregate (Spring 2003)
Good Quality Gravel: Major Solution to Curing Washboarding (Spring 2004)
When to Pave a Gravel Road (Spring 2006)
Using Geotextiles on Unpaved Low Volume Roads (Summer 2007)
Dust Suppressants (Summer 2008)
Unpaved Roads (Fall 2008)
Unpaved Roads: Best Management Practices (Fall 2012) 

Legal Matters

Avoid Icy Litigation (Winter 1986)
Tort Liability: Spots for a Potential Suit (Winter 1988)
Tort Liability and the Highway Agency (Winter 1988)
Training and the Law (Spring 1991)
CDL Requirements (Spring 1991)
RSAs, Regulations, and Signing (Spring 1992)
ADA in Effect (Fall 1992)
Certain Municipal Employees Must be Drug Tested (Winter 1994)
CDL Drug and Alcohol Testing Update (Summer 1995)
The 72 Hour Law (Fall 1995)
CDL Drug and Alcohol Policies (Fall 1995)
Weight Limits (Winter 1995)
Scenic Roads, Trees and Rights of Way (Spring 1996)
Guidelines for Spring Road Use Restrictions (Winter 1996)
Underground Damage Prevention Laws Revised (Spring 1998)
NCHRP 350* Requirements (Summer 1999)
Regulations will Challenge NH Municipalities in the New Millennium (Winter 2000)
RSA 265:3 Obedience to Flagpersons (Summer 2001)
Legal Q & A (Fall 2004)
Driveway Permits (Fall 2005)
Americans with Disabilities Act (Summer 2007)
Section 106 Review on Historical Resources (Summer 2008)
Liability Checklist (Summer 2009)
Steps to Guard Against Tort Liability (Fall 2010)


Common Sense Rules for Maintenance and Fleet Management (Spring 1992)
Motivation Suggestions from Local Supervisors (Spring 1995)
Road Kill (Spring 1995)
Highway Block Grant Aid Funds (Summer 1997)
Working with Contractors (Summer 1997)
Highway and Public Works Department Self-Assessment (Fall 1998)
The Used Oil Grant Program (Spring 1999)
Working with Boards (Fall 1999)
Dealing with Difficult People (Winter 1999)
What One Road Agent Can Do (Winter 1999)
Leadership Skills (Summer 2001)
Stress in Today's Workplace (Winter 2001)
Highway Block Grant Aid Funds (Winter 2002)
Tracking Departmental Costs (Summer 2003)
Work Smarter: How Time Slips Away (Summer 2003)
Highway Block Grants (Spring 2005)
Tips to Save Time (Spring 2005)
Working With Planning Boards (Fall 2005)
Handling Incoming Communication (Spring 2006)
Advice for Leading Multiple Generations (Summer 2007)
Selling Your Public Works Budget to Your Board and the Public (Summer 2009)
3M Sign Grants for Locals (Summer 2009)
My Primary Responsibility Is... (Fall 2009)
Six Tips for Managing Workplace Stress (Fall 2010)
Performance Evaluations: A Great Tool (Winter 2010)
Is Your Agency Eligible to Receive HMGP Grants? (Spring 2011)
Bridging the Gap between Economics and Innvoation (Fall 2014)

Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid for Public Works (Summer 1998)
Mutual Aid for Public Works (Winter 1998)
Incident Command System for Public Works (Spring 1999)
Public Works Mutual Aid (Winter 2001)
ICS (Winter 2003)
Public Works Mutual Aid Program Assists with October Flooding (Winter 2005)
Mutual Aid Conference (Summer 2008)
NH Public Works Mutual Aid in Barnstead NH (Winter 2009)


Road Agent Association News (Fall 1987)
Preventing Sexual Harassment Suits (Spring 1988)
The Easiest Job in Town (Fall 1989)
National Transportation Policy (Spring 1990)
Why Not Re-Tire? (Fall 1990)
Distinguishing Soil Types (Spring 1992)
Tire Size and Design Affects Equipment Productivity (Spring 1992)
Scrap Tires Fuel Cement Ovens (Summer 1992)
Tool Tip: Corrugated Pipe (Fall 1992)
Sand Spreaders (Winter 1992)
Corrosion (Spring 1993)
Roads and Economics in New England (Summer 1993)
Conversion of US Highways to Metric (Winter 1993)
Diesel Fuel Gelling (Summer 1994)
On the Road in NH: Road Kill Disposal (Spring 1995)
Timber Retaining Wall Drawings Available (Spring 1995)
Safe and Efficient Tree Trimming (Spring 1995)
Tire Care (Winter 1997)
Measuring and Calculating Slopes (Winter 1997)
Highway Facilities (Spring 1998)
Geotextiles (Fall 1998)
Flowable Fill (Spring 2000)
Measuring Trees (Summer 2000)
Technology Transfer Center Celebrates its 15th Anniversary (Fall 2001)
Public Access Television (Summer 2004)
100 Master Roads Scholars (Winter 2004)
Berlin uses Student Intern to Complete Important Work (Spring 2005)
UNH T2 20th Anniversary (Summer 2006)
Workspace Reveals Clues (Summer 2006)
First Master Roads Scholar Graduation (Fall 2006)
NH Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Interstate System (Fall 2006)
Why Would the Chair of the Selectboard Attend Roads Scholar Training? (Fall 2007)
Survey Says... (Spring 2008)
The Truth About the Value of Training (Spring 2008)
Things to Avoid at Work (Spring 2008)
Economic Recovery and NH Municipalities (Spring 2009)
Too Busy To Train? Think Again (Spring 2009)
Highway Memorial Dedicated in Manchester (Fall 2009)
Living with a First Responder (Winter 2009)
FHWA Hot Topics (Fall 2010)
Public Works Safety Poem (Fall 2010)
The Role of Public Works in Emergencies (Winter 2010)
Staying Healthy for a Longer Work Week (Winter 2010)
2010 UNH T2 Center Accomplishments (Winter 2010)
How Can NH LTAP Help You? (Spring 2011)
Retroflectometer Loan Program (Spring 2011)
APWA Fact Finding Trip to Haiti (Winter 2012) 

Paved Roads

Standard Definitions for Seal Coats (Winter 1986)
Pavement Management: The Seven Big Questions (Winter 1986)
Pavement Maintenance Treatments (Winter 1986)
Directions for Using Boiled Linseed (Summer 1987)
Asphalt Paving Materials (Summer 1987)
On the Road in New Hampshire: New Paving Approach in Hopkinton (Fall 1987)
Early Season Paving (Winter 1987)
Asphalt Recycling (Spring 1988)
Don't Forget about Frost Heaves (Summer 1989)
Linseed Oil for Protection of Concrete Surfaces (Spring 1989)
Welding, Cutting, and Heating with Oxygen and Fuel Gases (Spring 1990)
Q&A: Hot Mix Overlay (Summer 1990)
Shim and Overlay (Fall 1990)
Non-Shrinkable Backfill (Spring 1991)
Are Super Singles Good for Your Roads? (Summer 1991)
Compaction (Fall 1991)
Cold Recycling (Summer 1992)
On the Road in NH: Cold Recycling Train (Fall 1992)
Reasons for Chip Seal Failure (Fall 1992)
Chip Seal Material (Winter 1992)
Full Depth Reclamation (Spring 1993)
Basic Equipment for Asphalt Compaction (Summer 1993)
Steel Meshes Against Longitudinal Cracks (Summer 1993)
Pavement Crack Treatments (Summer 1994)
Pavement Management (Fall 1994)
Routine and Preventative Maintenance (Fall 1995)
Entrained Air Concrete Specifications (Winter 1995)
Crack Sealing (Summer 1997)
Driveway and Curb Cuts (Summer 1997)
Street Texturizing (Fall 1997)
RAP, What is It Good For? (Summer 1998)
Infrared Repair and Reclaiming (Spring 1999)
Flowable Fill (Spring 2000)
Road Weight Limits and Commercial Transport (Summer 2000)
Engineers and Municipalities (Fall 2002)
Street Sweeping (Winter 2002)
Tack Coat (Winter 2003)
Roadway Preservation (Spring 2004)
Surface Treatments (Winter 2004)
Chip Seals (Summer 2005)
Building a Successful Road (Winter 2005)
Achieving and Measuring Proper Road Compaction (Spring 2006)
Using Paving Fabric in Keene (Summer 2006)
Using Geotextiles in Pavements (Summer 2006)
Pavement Preservation Research (Spring 2007)
Tips to Maintain and Keep the Roads in Good Condition (Summer 2008)
Undergoing Full-Depth Reclamation in Hancock (Fall 2008)
Benefits of Testing Aggregate (Fall 2008)
Cracksealing Practices and Benefits (Spring 2009)
Subgrade Stabilization Using Portland Cement (Summer 2009)
Pervious Pavements (Summer 2009)
Safety Edge Catches on as Life-Saving Technique (Spring 2010)
Deerfield Completes 6,250 feet of Full-Depth Reclamation (Fall 2010)
Pavement Preservation: Right Road, Right Treatment, Right Time (Fall 2010)

Personnel Management

Training Pays Off (Winter 1992)
Training: What it Can Do For You (Winter 1994)
Professionalism 101 (Winter 1996)
Hiring New Personnel (Fall 1997)
Professional Engineers Renewal Criteria (Spring 1998)
Keeping Good Employees (Winter 2000)
Conducting an Interview (Spring 2001)
How to Interview (Spring 2001)
Training to Improve Performance (Fall 2003)
Learning Approaches (Fall 2003)
Getting the Most from Training (Fall 2003)
Employee Cell Phone Use (Summer 2005)
An Effective Public Works Leader Delegates (Fall 2005)
Benefits to Training (Spring 2006)
Document Employee Performance Daily (Fall 2006)
Interviewing for the Right Skills (Spring 2007)
Working with Difficult Behavior (Fall 2008)
Working in Teams (Fall 2009)
Setting Goals at Work (Spring 2010)

Public Relations

Practicing Public Speaking Tips (Winter 1996)
Hiring New Personnel (Fall 1997)
Public Relations (Fall 1997)
Dover's Snow Removal Ride-Along Program (Winter 1997)
Marketing (Spring 2000)
Working with the Media (Summer 2000)
Open Houses: Exeter (Fall 2000)
Improving Communications with the Public (Fall 2000)
Telephone Etiquette (Fall 2002)
Taking the Fear Out of Giving Presentations (Summer 2004)
Putting Customers First (Fall 2005)
Ethics (Winter 2006)
Back to the Phone for Better Communication (Fall 2007)
Media Savvy (Fall 2007)
How to Use E-Mail Effectively (Summer 2009)
Using Social Media for Public Relations (Spring 2011)
Public Works Departments and Social Media (Summer 2013)  

Road and Roadside Design

Road Design Standards (Spring 1987)
Road Graders: Purchase or Contract Out? (Summer 1989)
Calcium Chloride (Spring 1988)
Shoulder Reinforcement with Recycled Tires (Winter 1989)
Dust Control: Why and How (Spring 1993)
Mailbox Miscellaneous (Spring 1998)
Shoulder Maintenance (Fall 1999)
Pruning Trees (Winter 1999)
Controlling Vegetation (Winter 2003)
Accessible Sidewalks and Curb Ramps-update (Summer 2005)
Pavement Edge Drop-offs (Winter 2005)
Design Guides for Motorcycle Safety (Spring 2007)
Roadside Mowing (Summer 2007)
Roundabouts (Winter 2007)
Crosswalk Marking (Winter 2007)
Guardrails (Spring 2008)
Durham's First Roundabout (Winter 2010)
Using Waste Tires in Rubber Roads (Winter 2010)
Ignoring ADA Could be Costly for Your Agency (Spring 2011)



Front End Loader Safety (Winter 1986)
Why Did it Happen to Me? (Spring 1987)
Roadside Safety (Summer 1988)
A Serious Problem: Mailbox Supports (Summer 1988)
Hard Hats: Who Needs Them? (Spring 1989)
Workzone Fatalities Still Climbing (Fall 1989)
Set up a Workzone, Not an Accident Zone (Fall 1990)
Where are Your Hazardous Materials? (Summer 1991)
Cold Exposure and Frostbite (Winter 1991)
Seat Belt Myths (Winter 1991)
Workzone Safety: A New Solution for a Serious Problem (Winter 1991)
Our Dangerous Sun and What You Can Do About it (Spring 1992)
Lifting Basics (Summer 1992)
Cone Signs Give Added Safety to Workzones (Winter 1992)
Lyme Disease (Spring 1996)
Trenching and Excavation Safety (Summer 1996)
A Safety Feature for Snow Plows (Fall 1997)
Why Your Municipality Should Join DigSafe (Winter 1997)
Chainsaw Safety (Spring 1998)
Promoting Safety (Summer 1998)
Incident Command System (Fall 1998)
Working Safely Around Electricity (Spring 1999)
DigSafe Changes (Fall 1999)
Anti-Lock Braking Systems (Fall 1999)
Bloodborne Pathogens (Spring 2000)
Traffic Calming (Summer 2001)
Rumble Strips in Workzones (Spring 2002)
Chainsaw Safety (Fall 2002)
Changes for Many Dig Safe Callers (Fall 2003)
Accessible Sidewalks and Curb Ramps (Summer 2004)
Reducing Speeds (Fall 2004)
Typical Problems in Workzones (Spring 2005)
Stopping Sight Distance (Summer 2005)
Hard Hats (Winter 2005)
National Incident Management System (Summer 2006)
Color Blindness Effects LED Signals (Summer 2006)
Working Safely in the Heat (Summer 2006)
Mutual Aid Update (Summer 2006)
Low Cost Traffic Improvements (Fall 2006)
Road Safety Audits (Fall 2006)
Are Marked Crosswalks Safer? (Winter 2006)
Text Message and Emergency Preparedness (Winter 2006)
Adjust Mirrors to Eliminate Blind Spots (Summer 2007)
Road Safety Audits (Fall 2007)
Avoid Hypothermia (Winter 2007)
Federally Mandated Worker Visibility Regulation Summary (Winter 2007)
Tips for Safe Backing (Winter 2007)
How to Conduct a Crash Study (Spring 2008)
RWIS (Spring 2008)
Benefits of an Ergonomic Workstation (Winter 2008)
Workplace Safety Tips (Summer 2009)
Safety While Working with Silica (Summer 2010)
Highway Workers: Save Yourselves (Spring 2011)
More than half of U.S. highway fatalities are related to deficient roadway conditions (Spring 2011)

Signage and Roadway Markings

Stop Signs (Spring 1989)
Highway Signing Linked to Fatalities (Fall 1989)
MUTCD Errata (Fall 1990)
Good Sign Symbols Aid Drivers (Spring 1991)
Facts About Controlling Traffic (Spring 1991)
Training is an MUTCD Standard (Spring 1991)
Pedestrian Crosswalks (Spring 1991)
Billing for Sign Damage (Fall 1991)
Latest Draft of Revised MUTCD Available (Spring 1992)
Sign Maintenance Report Conclusions (Spring 1992)
General Principles for Pavement Markings (Spring 1992)
Checking for Sign Reflectivity (Summer 1992)
Shark's Teeth (Fall 1996)
Road Striping Paint Regulation Change (Spring 1997)
Revisions of MUTCD (Spring 1998)
Reflective Street Signs Required (Spring 1999)
Edgeline Marking (Spring 2000)
Load Limits (posting roads) (Winter 2000)
Signs at Pedestrian Crosswalks (Fall 2001)
Installing the Correct Traffic Sign (Winter 2001)
Traffic Signs to Restrict Trucks (Winter 2001)
Children at Play Signs (Spring 2002)
Stop Sign & Supplemental Devices (Summer 2002)
Setting and Posting Speed Limits (Fall 2002)
Crosswalk Placement (Fall 2002)
Guiding Motorists Through Turns and Curves (Summer 2003)
Center and Edge Line Pavement Markings (Fall 2003)
Dover Tests Crosswalk (Winter 2003)
MUTCD Revision (Winter 2003)
Sign Management and Maintenance (Spring 2005)
Signs for T Intersections (Fall 2005)
Breakaway or Yielding Supports (Fall 2006)
Signage and Retroreflectivity (Spring 2007)
Pavement Marking Material (Spring 2008)
New Rule on Temporary Traffic Control Devices (Spring 2008)
MUTCD Sign Retroreflectivity Requirements (Spring 2008)
Correct Sign Installation Improves Safety (Summer 2008)
New Sign Retroreflectivity Requirements (Spring 2009)
2009 Revisions to MUTCD : Is Your Department Ready? (Winter 2010)


Fighting Erosion with Sacked Sand-Cement Riprap (Winter 1991)
Storm Water Phase 2 (Fall 2000)
NPDES II Rule Changes Will Impact Many Municipalities (Summer 2002)
MS4s (Summer 2002)
NPDES II and Highway Garage Complexes (Summer 2002)
Seacoast Coalition Creates a Stormwater Video (Spring 2003)
Runoff Pollution: Prevention & Management (Summer 2010)

Technology Transfer Projects

NH Mosaic Parcel Map Awarded as "Bright Idea" (Fall 2012)
Statewide Asset Data Exchange System (SADES); Past, Present and Future (Fall 2014)

Winter Operations

Winter is Never Over in NH (Summer 1987)
Controlling Roadway Ice (Winter 1987)
Preparing for Winter Operations (Winter 1987)
Salt and Sand for Winter Maintenance (Winter 1988)
Taking the Mess out of Snow Chains (Sumer 1988)
Safe Winter Driving (Winter 1989)
Salt and Highway De-Icing Q&A (Winter 1989)
Using Salt as a De-Icer (Winter 1989)
Guidelines for Salt Application (Winter 1990)
Know Your Snow (Winter 1990)
Some Snow-Plowing Tips for NH Towns (Winter 1990)
Snow Safety (Winter 1990)
Special Spreading and Plowing Problems (Winter 1990)
Winter Operations Checklist (Fall 1991)
How Much Salt Will be Needed This Winter? (Summer 1991)
Snow Disposal Guidelines (Winter 1992)
Economic Evaluation of Calcium Chloride (Spring 1993)
Premixing and Prewetting Salt (Spring 1993)
On the Road in NH: Calcium Chloride Usage (Spring 1993)
Winter Operations Recommendations (Fall 1994)
Things to Know Before You Buy a Snow Plow (Spring 1996)
Deicing and Anti-Icing Chemical Alternatives (Fall 1996)
Adopting a Snow and Ice Control Policy (Summer 1997)
Snow Equipment Preventative Maintenance (Fall 1997)
Salt Storage Shed (Summer 1998)
Snow Disposal Guidelines (Fall 1998)
Pretreating Roads Saves Money (Winter 1998)
Pros and Cons of Sand on Ice and Snowpack (Fall 2001)
Snow Disposal (Fall 2001)
Testing Winter Operations (Winter 2002)
Eastern Snow Expo (Fall 2003)
What to Eat on Snow Plowing Nights (Winter 2003)
Calibrating Sanders (Fall 2004)
Anti-Icing (Fall 2004)
Snow Drift Control: Snow Fences (Winter 2005)
Winter Tenting of Road Surfaces (Spring 2006)
Winter Maintenance Tips (Winter 2006)
Ten Commandments for Snow Fighters (Winter 2006)
Preparing for Winter Operations (Fall 2007)
Dover NH Salt Brine Research Project (Winter 2007)
Wing Plow Guidance Laser (Winter 2008)
What to Eat on Snow Plowing Nights (Winter 2008)
Tools for Removing Ice & Snow Pack (Fall 2009)
Salt Usage in Winter Operations (Winter 2009)
NHDOT Recommends JOMA Plow Blades (Summer 2010)
Snow and Ice Equipment Maintenance (Fall 2010)
Proper Salt Storage (Winter 2010)
Become a Certified Green SnowPro (Fall 2011)
NHPWA Scholarship Sends a NH Public Works Director to the 2013-APWA North American Snow Conference (Summer 2013)