Common Sense Solutions to Intersection Safety Problems  
Descriptions of intersection safety issues, examples of common safety tasks that DO NOT require an engineer, and background information on safety tasks that DO require an engineer. MI LTAP.

Comprehensive Intersection Resource Library  
A compilation of resources and educational materials about traditional signalized and unsignalized intersections, roundabouts, highway/rail grade crossings, and nontraditional intersections. USDOT & FHWA.

Field Guide for Inspecting Signalized Intersections to Reduce Red-Light Running PDF
The FHWA recently published a "Field Guide for Inspecting Signalized Intersections to Reduce Red-Light Running." This report provides information on how to conduct an investigation of a specific intersection that has been identified as a red-light running problem site. The investigation of the site would identify possible engineering deficiencies that could contribute to violations and crashes, and to form initial opinions as to possible countermeasures. The field inspection guide is prepared in connection with the Intersection Field Inspection Form.

Guide Sheets on Intersection Safety Countermeasures Information urL 
This website contains guide sheets describing the 77 intersection safety countermeasures identified in the NCHRP Report 500. The purpose of the guide sheets is to market and promote the knowledge and usage of these known countermeasure treatments for intersection safety by providing a simple, easy-to-read single page summary of each. American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials and TRB, 2004.

Innovative Intersection Safety Improvement Strategies and Management Practices: A Domestic Scan
Intersection safety: safety management and comprehensive safety processes, traffic control devices for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists, traffic operational practices, geometric design treatments, and enforcement practices and educational programs. USDOT & FHWA, September 2006.

Intersection Safety url 
Intersections are among the most hazardous components of the roadway system because they involve inherent traffic conflict points and require critical judgments by all road users. Safe travel through intersections requires road users to understand, and comply with, clear assignment of right-of-way. USDOT & FHWA.

Mini Roundabouts PDF
This is a reference for transportation officials and professionals involved in the design, selection, and implementation of mini-roundabout intersections. The guide draws on international resources to explore the unique characteristics of mini-roundabouts, and offers key considerations for their implementation. FHWA.

Roundabouts URL
This website provides comprehensive information about roundabouts, and their benefits as intersection and stoplight alternatives. FHWA.

Signalized Intersections: Informational Guide pdf
Methods for evaluating the safety and operations of nonsignalized and signalized intersections. It also provides tools to remedy deficiencies. USDOT & FHWA.

Unsignalized Intersection Safety Strategies PDF 
This brochure is a quick reference to the countermeasures described in the NCHRP Report 500 volumes on reducing crashes at unsignalized (Volume 5) and signalized (Volume 12) intersections and is a supplement to individual guide sheets for each of the 77 countermeasures. These documents describe and illustrate the countermeasures in greater detail. USDOT & FHWA, July 2008.