LearnforLife Corporate Portal

**Please note- LearnforLife.unh.edu is only for an individual registering for a UNH T2 workshop.  Corporate portal (group account) users must complete registration through their unique group portal (the hyperlink UNH T2 provided your group admin at the time your corporate portal account was created).   

If you are a corporate portal group admin trying to complete registration on behalf of a team member, please log in to the registration system using your unique corporate portal hyperlink, and use your group admin ID, not your individual user name, when logging in.  You cannot complete group registrations at learnforlife.unh.edu.  Your group admin ID is an 8-digit number that begins with C.   (see "Adding and Managing Members"below for information on how to continue the registration process once you are logged in).

If you are a group admin and do not recall your group portal link or admin credentials, please contact UNH T2.  We'd be happy to assist you in accessing your group account!

If you are a member of a group and trying to register yourself for a UNH T2 workshop, please contact your group admin for assistance.  If you are not sure who your organization's group admin is, please contact UNH T2 and we can assist.

What is a Group Portal (or corporate portal) and how do I use it?

If we set your organization up with Corporate Portal functionality, you will have one point-of-contact “administrator” who can register all associated employees for UNH T2 workshops

  • You will be able to register multiple employees for the same workshop at once.
    • Employees can still register themselves, but in order to bill to your organization, they would need to be registered by the group administrator, or you would need to enable Self-Associate functionality (see below).
    • If an employee registers him or herself but is not permitted to direct bill, s/he will receive an invoice that can be paid via check, or the individual can log into their personal account and pay via credit card.
  • The Corporate Portal will allow the group administrator to register multiple people to a course (rather than register each individually separately).  We highly recommend this option if you are a town or organization with an administrator or other single point of contact for workshop registration, or if you’d like to consolidate registration requests under one approver.

Learnforlife.unh.edu will streamline how we invoice- and how you pay for registrations!

  • Invoices will generate at time of registration, and will only be available electronically.  T2 will no longer mail invoices, but you will be able to access your invoice via the unique URL provided for your Corporate portal.  You’ll also receive an emailed invoice at the time your registration is completed.
  • Multiple registrations for the same workshop will be consolidated into one invoice through Corporate Portal (rather than receiving a seperate invoice from each individual that registered him or herself directly)
  • Invoices will be payable upon receipt.  We’re requesting registration fees to be paid before the workshop date.
  • Credit card payments will now be accepted!  While you will still be able to pay invoices with a check, we’re very pleased to offer the option to pay invoices by credit card (including paying at the time of registration).
  • If individual employees register themselves you can enable the option to allow them to bill the company’s group account.  
    • Note: this feature would be for all employees associated with the company’s group account - it cannot be granted to some and not others.   
    • You will receive an invoice after enrollment occurs, and can contact UNH T2 if you do not approve the charge.

Setup and Use of the Corporate Portal Feature:

Once you are setup with a Corporate Portal, you'll receive the following to begin using it:

  • Registration Site (your unique Corporate Portal web address)- please note if this link does not work when you click on it from the initial email, please try copying and pasting the address into your web browser 
  • Username
  • Group Code
  • An email with a temporary password for you to use on first log in

Allowing Staff to "Self-Associate" and Direct Bill:

If you allowed your staff to self-associate to your organization, or to register for a class at learnforlife.unh.edu themselves and direct bill your organization, you should provide the above Group Code to your staff members.  They should add this Group Code to their individual profile when they are registering for their user accounts at learnforlife.unh.edu (see below for details on how to register for a User Account).  Otherwise, you’ll be able to create new accounts for each individual employee that will be attending the workshops in the Corporate Portal, and will also be able to register employees for workshops directly, on their behalf.  

If you didn’t approve the self-association, but would like staff members to be able to direct bill your organization, please let one of our staff members know an employee you would approve to direct bill your organization

Adding and Managing Members:

  • We adjusted all accounts to allow self-association. This means that if you choose to give out your group # to employees, they will be able to register their user profile and “associate” their profile to your group automatically, using the group # you provide.  If you do not wish to use this feature, and will be building users’ profiles yourself, you do not need to take any action (people cannot self-associate to your group without your Group #).
  • Each member of your group must have an email address associated, and you cannot share email addresses when building members within the portal
    •  If you are adding a new member’s profile directly in the portal, you will need to have a unique email address for that user (the system requires an email address). 
    • Workaround if your user does not have an email address: If you are instead applying your OWN email address to the user(s) profiles, you can create the user profile at https://learnforlife.unh.edu/portal/logon.do?method=load and then associate the new user to your portal.
      • Go to https://learnforlife.unh.edu/portal/logon.do?method=load
      • Fill out the information under “I am a new user” including enter your or the user’s email address
      • You may receive a yellow color warning that the email address already exists- to bypass this, scroll down and click the “Continue” button again. 
      • Once the profile is created,  go to the “Group Affiliations” section of the new user’s profile and add your group # (GXXXXX)
      • You should now be able to log in to your corporate portal (using your unique link) and see the employee under your Members list
  • Alternatively- If you have a list of members to add, you can email the names and email addresses (these emails address would not need to be unique and your own email address could be applied to multiple profiles) to T2.Center@unh.edu and we can add members to your Portal on your behalf.

Reminder Emails:

  • For users that have an email address associated with their account, a reminder email will go out seven days before a workshop they are registered to attend.  If you did not assign a unique email to each user at the time your portal and members were built, users will not receive a reminder email (please be sure to share the initial registration confirmation with users).  If users wish to receive a reminder email, please ensure their company or personal email address is added to their member profile in your portal.  Contact T2.Center@unh.edu for any questions or assistance with this.

Request Information:

  • If you see a course offering as “Not Currently Available” click on the course title and click “Request Information” to be notified of the next open enrollment.  To submit the request, you will be taken to another login page that will require you to use your own individual learnforlife.unh.edu login (the username will not be the CXXXXXX admin user name).  You can create your own self account click here:  https://learnforlife.unh.edu/portal/logon.do?method=load .  Fill out the information under “I am a new user”.  You may receive a yellow color warning that the email address already exist, to bypass this, scroll down and click the continue button again. 
  • Alternatively, you can email T2.Center@unh.edu if a course or section is filled and you wished to be notified when a new one becomes available.

Communication with your users:

Please be sure to forward any email confirmation you receive for enrollment through the Corporate Portal to your staff, so they can receive important information about the workshop(s).

Invoices and Payments:

  • As a reminder, we are no longer mailing invoices, and all invoices are due upon receipt
  • If you’re paying by check, please attach the invoice to your check, or reference the invoice number(s) within the check or stub fields, to ensure accurate and timely processing your payment.
    • Please make your check payable to University of New Hampshire, or UNH, and remit to: UNH Tech. Transfer Center, 33 Academic Way  Durham, NH, 03824 .
  • Corporate portal administrators can log into their accounts to pay open invoices by credit card.

Host Promo Codes (free “host seats”):

  • If you’re hosting a T2 workshop and have free seats to apply, please complete registration for the individual, and then email T2.Center@unh.edu the names of the individuals for whom there is an existing registration and invoice to apply the free host seats to.  T2 staff will then apply the code and adjust your invoice for those seats to show $0, and send you an updated invoice.  Alternatively, you can email T2.Center@unh.edu the names and workshop titles/dates you wish to apply the free host seats to, and we can complete the full registration process on your behalf. 
  • Seats cannot “saved”, so we encourage hosts to register for their free seats early to avoid a workshop filling up.  If you register one employee but need to send another, no concerns- just let us know and we can update your record. 

If you have any questions, please contact T2.Center@unh.edu or 603.862.0030.