21st Century Leadership and Management Techniques for State DOTs PDF 
This publication is intended to educate new CEOs of the state transportation departments, so that they can perform their roles as best as possible. Because the turnover rate is so high for state DOT CEOs, the project undertaken in this report is designed to show the leadership and management challenges that CEOs may face, and guide them through handling these challenges. AASHTO, 2009.

Accident Mitigation Guide for Congested Rural Two-Lane Highways - NCHRP Report 440
This guide will assist planners, designers, and traffic engineers in identifying and designing projects to improve safety on congested rural two-lane highways. The guide assumes that widening the road to four lanes is not a practical solution because of financial, environmental, or societal constraints. Geometric, traffic control, and other types of countermeasures are discussed. (TRB).

Core Curriculum Matrix Development  
The primary audiences of the matrices are training coordinators of State and local Departments of Transportation. It is recommended that each matrix be thoroughly reviewed and compared and contrasted to the state's current competency models and training and professional development programs. Importantly, the matrices are NOT intended to replace, but rather to be additive to these models and programs. Each matrix should be viewed as a dynamic, living document, one that should be modified, as appropriate, to reflect each state's labor category structure and requirements. NHI, December 2004.

Culvert Management System (CMS) Software 
In October 2001, FHWA released CMS software along with a user's manual. The purpose of this program is to provide a tool to facilitate the coordination of maintenance and repair or replacement operations on a system-wide basis. FHWA, 2001.

Data, Survey Methods, Traffic Monitoring, and Asset Management URL 
TRB's Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 1993 includes 22 papers that explore revenue risk mitigation in transportation project financing, traffic sign asset management, estimating highway investment requirements, estimating design hourly volumes, traffic prediction, digital dashboards, random count site selection, wireless location technology-based traffic monitoring, traffic flow impact on travel time variability, and transferability of National Household Travel Survey data. (TRB).

Effective Motivation of Highway Maintenance Personnel: Tools for Peak Performance 
A training course in motivating highway maintenance workers to perform at their very best. Includes an Instructor's Manual, Participant's Workbook, and PowerPoint files. NCHRP.

Instructors Development Course for Technicians 
Includes information on how to conduct effective training, principles of adult learning, learning styles, learning outcomes, using visual aids, and co-instructing. NHI, December 2004.

Managing Utility Cuts: A Roundtable Discussion on How Connecticut Towns Coordinate Utility and Contractor Excavations in the Public Right-of-Way PDF
The publication is from the discussions held during the Roundtable Discussion on Utility Cuts that was held on November 14, 2007 in Norwalk. More than 30 municipal representatives came together from 19 different agencies to share information on their experiences with utility cuts. The following are highlights from the discussion.

Performance-Based Contractor Prequalification as an Alternative to Performance Bonds
State transportation departments rely on private industry construction contractors to build, rehabilitate, and replace their infrastructure assets. FHWA is interested in providing guidance that State transportation departments can use to select contractors that can complete projects cost-effectively. One potential method to help select qualified contractors is to use a performance-based contractor prequalification process. FHWA commissioned this study to evaluate the wisdom of expanding the use of this process. This report presents the results of this study, which examined relevant literature, evaluated the benefits and costs of performance bonds and performance-based contractor prequalification, and recommended a model performance-based prequalification approach. FHWA, August 2014. 

Roadway Delineation Practices Handbook PDF
Design, traffic, and maintenance engineering personnel in making determinations about roadway delineation systems, including the appropriate system for a given situation, when a system has reached the end of its useful life, and how to maintain a quality delineation system. FHWA.

Sample Bid Specs URL 
This website maintained by the Vermont LTAP has checklists for chip seal inspection, paving, and hot-mix asphalt overlay inspection. It also has information on crack sealing and crack filling, chip sealing, dust control, line marking and pavement reclamation and cold milling. Vermont LTAP. The Site contains the following Bid Specs:

  • Chip Seal Inspection Checklist
  • Paving Checklist
  • Hot-mix Asphalt Overlay Inspection Checklist
  • Caltrans Maintenance Technical Advisory Guide (TAG) - Crack sealing, crack filling, and join sealing of flexible and rigid pavements
  • Crack Sealing - General Instructions and specifications
  • Crack Filling Bid Specs
  • Seal Bid Specs
  • Dust Control Bid Specs
  • Line Markings Bid Specs
  • Bid Specs for Pavement Reclamation and Cold Milling (Town of Barre)
  • Bid Specs for Hot and Cold Mix Paving Contracts-General Instructions and specs (Town of Barre)
  • Bid Specs for Thin Layer Surface Treatment (Towne of Barre)
  • Bid Specs for Paving Specs (Town of Newbury)
  • Bid Specs for Paving Bid Specs (Town of Rutland)
  • Reclaim Specs (Town of Newbury)
  • Bid Specs for Winter Sand (Town of Rutland)

Selling Your Budget to Your Board and the Public PDF
Here are a few tips from Hank Lambert, former Director of the Vermont Local Roads Program, who developed a training program on Budgeting for Public Works Professionals.

Standard Operating Manual for Municipal Public Works
This is a collection of SOPs, SOGs, policies, ordinances, and permits that were collected from towns. UNH T2 Center, August, 2009.

Successful Supervision 
This three disk set contains information on 1) management module 2) communication module and 3) leadership and motivation module. Local Technical Assistance Program, USDOT & FHWA.

What It Means To Be a Professional in Public Works: Do You Walk the Talk? PDF 
This roundtable publication concentrates on what it means to be a professional in public works. It focuses on the following two questions: What does it take to instill professionalism in your department? What can you do to change apathy and acceptance of the status quo? Six areas of critical importance to professionalism were discussed. Connecticut T2 Center

Writing that Works for the Transportation Professionals 
Tips to increase writing efficiency and effectiveness, to ensure that audience comprehension is at its highest. Executive Writing Associates, 2006.