Public Relations

Public Relations


Are We There Yet?: Building America's Transportation Infrastructure Network pdf
The history of America's transportation systems. 

Driver Education Workzone Awareness Program  
The enclosed CD-ROM contains all the information needed to teach the Driver Education Work Zone Awareness program. The program is basically a power point program that is very user friendly which may be downloaded onto the instructor's computer. The program may be added to and modified to meet class timeframes. ATSSA & IL DOT.

Livable Communities: Tips and Designing Transit Services and Infrastructure that Promote Livability

Provides techniques in having a community with benefits relating to the transit system with enhancements provided for the environment and infrastructure.

Public Involvement Techniques for Transportation Decision-Making URL
Informing people through organization and outreach, involving people face-to-face through meetings, getting feedback from participants, and using special techniques to enhance participation. FHWA.

Safer Journey: Interactive Pedestrian Safety Awareness
This CD intends to increase awareness on pedestrian safety. It is intended for the general public, safety advocates, and transportation professionals. There are 4 parts: 1) the journey 2) a quiz 3) library and 4) map. USDOT & FHWA.