Public Works

Public Works Activity Book
AASHTO 2002 Roadside Design Guide
These disks contain a powerpoint presentation and supplemental video. USDOT, NHI & Local Technical Assistance Program.

APWA Clipart 
38 graphic images of various public works scenarios, including pothole patching, snow blowing, striping, surveying, and sweeping. APWA.

Connecting Rural and Urban America PDF 
This report is intended to address issues of connectivity over America's highway and interstate system. The goal of the report was to develop a plan for the future of the highway and interstate system, and to address how to connect rural and urban America more effective through the road system. AASHTO, 2010.

Contractor Information pdf 
Contractors doing business with the New Hampshire Department of Transportation will find links to business and technical information listed on this site. NHDOT.

Crack-Resistant Concrete url
Crack-free concrete? Although much progress has been made in reducing concrete's propensity to crack, the goal remains elusive. A novel approach to this problem is the focus of "High-Performance Stress-Relaxing Cementitious Composites for Crack-Free Pavements and Transportation Structures," an Exploratory Advanced Research (EAR) Program project launched by the Federal High-way Administration (FHWA) in 2008 and conducted at Texas A&M University's Texas Transportation Institute. FHWA.

Excavator Manual
A Guide To Safe Excavation Practices in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. The purpose of this document is to provide a basic understanding of the responsibilities as set forth in the "Dig Safe" law of your state concerning safe excavation practices and the protection of underground facilities. Digg Safe System, Inc, January 2009.

Forest Applications Training, Inc. url 
A newsletter and information about training issues. For practical information, see "Tim's Tips". Forest Applications Training Inc.

Highway/Utility Guide url 
Useful to utility and highway professionals, educators, and government officials. It provides links to publications and other sites with related information. USDOT & FHWA.

Increasing Highway Throughput Communications and Control Technologies to Improve Traffic Flow url 
How can the new capabilities of intelligent vehicles and highway infrastructure be used to reduce congestion and effectively increase highway capacity? FHWA.

Inspecting Ground Anchors   
This 2 disk set provides field inspectors with background knowledge of the construction of ground anchors and instructions for inspection of ground anchors during construction. Disk 1 focuses on preconstruction and disk 2 focuses on construction. US DOT & FHWA.

Integrating Climate Change into the Transportation Planning Process pdf
This report explores the possibilities for integrating climate change considerations into long range transportation planning at state DOTs and MPOs. The report reviews the experience of a number of DOTs and MPOs that are already incorporating climate change into their transportation planning processes and identifies their successes as well as challenges faced by these agencies. USDOT & FHWA.

Introducing Highway Federal-Aid Standard Version pdf
Information on web-based training that summarizes portions of FHWA-NHI-310109 Federal-Aid 101. NHI.

The Endangered Species Act: BuildSmart  
These 2 CDs are designed to acquaint the construction inspector personnel with the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and to help them direct their contractor to Build Smart. This is for the experiences and inexperienced construction inspector. Portland State University, 2004.

Local Road Maintenance Worker's Manual url
Best maintenance practices and procedures for local road maintenance workers. Iowa State Univ. Ctr. for Transportation, Research, and Education.

Local Roads Matter url
Each of our 50 states is unique - especially their infrastructure and local roads and bridges. The National Association of Counties (NACO) represents county engineers and professional road managers. Nationwide, local roads account for about 75% of the nation's highways and roads. Counties own 231,000 bridges and operate one third of the nation's transit systems. Local Roads Matter! Nationwide. NACO.

Low-Volume Roads Engineering Best Management Practices Fieldguide pdf
Rural, low volume, farm-to-market access roads, roads connecting communities, and roads for logging or mining are significant parts of any transportation system. USDA Forest Service.

LTAP/TTAP 25 Years of Service pdf
This publication explains the history and success story of the LTAP and TTAP centers since their institution by the FHWA starting in 1982. FHWA.

National Highway Specifications url
This site serves as a clearinghouse and electronic library where users can search, review, cross-reference, and download the most current specifications, construction manuals, and drawings. Although this site is maintained by the Federal Highway Administration, the materials on this site have been submitted by State Departments of Transportation and other agencies. FHWA.

NHDOT Bureau of Highway Design Library url 
This website includes information on: rumble strips, workzone safety, drainage, utilities, road and bridge construction. NHDOT.

NHDOT Weighted Average Unit Prices pdf  

Noise Wall Materials Comparison Matrix
Type, materials, and prices of noise walls for comparison to others. Reprinted from the May/June 1996 issue of The Wall Journal.

Planning Considerations for Roads, Highways, and Bridges url
Our roads, highways and bridges can be a source of a significant amount of pollution to our nation's water. Pollution is generated during road construction, maintenance, and use. Nonpoint source pollution, or runoff pollution, is created when chemicals, debris, fertilizers, automotive oils, debris from wearing parts, and litter are washed off roadways and bridges during rainstorms and carried as runoff to streams, rivers, lakes and bays. EPA.

Protecting Historical & Cultural Resources from Adverse Effects: Regulatory & Other Resources
This publication features NH DHR Project Review Links & Information, Historic preservation review & compliance, regulatory overview for highway-related projects in New Hampshire, and more. New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources.

Reduce Congestion through Access Management: Safe Access is Good for Business  
This will address questions you may have about access management and its effect on business activity and the local economy. It focuses on economic concerns that may arise in response to proposed access changes or policies, including potential impacts on business activity, freight and deliveries, parking for customers, and property or resale value of affected property. USDOT & FHWA.

Series of Quick Guides for New Hampshire Towns pdf 
Culvert Installation and Maintenance, Ditch/Channel Construction and Maintenance, Vegetative Erosion & Sediment Control, Non-Vegetative Erosion & Sediment Control, Cut and Fill Slopes, Beaver Pipe: Construction and Maintenance, Stormwater Inlets and Catch Basins, Mowing and Brush Control, Snow and Ice Control, and Obtaining Permits.

Skills, and Strategies for Consensus Building, Mediation, and Problem Solving pdf 
In 2006, the Federal Highway Administration and the Minnesota Local Technical Assistance Program contracted with The Keystone Center to begin work on a pilot program aimed at these objectives: 1) Train transportation officials in collaborative leadership 2) Provide a venue for those officials to exercise leadership, solve problems, and move stalled projects to completion 3) Demonstrate that mediation is an effective tool in resolving conflict over transportation projects 4) Provide a model that can be replicated elsewhere. FHWA & MN LTAP, September 2008.

Spreader Calibration Chart xcel
This chart aides in calibrating spreaders for winter maintenance.

Standard Plans for Road and Bridge Construction pdf  
The publication consists of 3 sections, each with individual Standard Detail files. Files are currently available in Adobe Acrobat and Microstation DGN format which requires Microstation. NHDOT, 2001.

Standard Specifications Manual for State Contracted Work url 
This manual from the Florida State DOT covers standard specifications for all sorts of state contacted work. 2010.

Stone Walls & Structures, Scenic Roads & Roadside Trees, Tree Wardens & Special Places
This publication has information on historic stone culverts, range roads, trees and roadside growth (excerpts from RSA 231), scenic roads (RSA 231:157-158), town initiatives to protect stone walls, and other topics.

Structures of Ironwood Information 
Information on composite wood/steel Ironwood Guardrail System. Ironwood Rail.

Ten Essentials of a Good Road URL
Here are 10 basic tips to help maintain and keep your roads in good condition. NACE.

The Old Stone Wall URL
The quarterly newsletter of the NH Division of Historical Resources is available on this site.

The Road to Livability URL
This documents intends to cover what state transportation departments can do and are doing to improve community livability through road investments. AASHTO, 2010.

Timber Retaining Wall Initiative
Application and design of timber retaining walls and the advantages using them. VT & NH Timber Retaining Wall Initiative.

Transportation Reboot: Restarting America's Most Essential Operating System PDF
This publication offers an explanation of how AASHTO intends to make freight systems in America a priority for future expansion and development. The publication explains how the movement of freight is essential to the recovering economy, and how development and up-keep of such systems should be a point of focus for municipalities. AASHTO 2010.

W-beam Guardrail Repair Guide PDF
The purpose of this guide is to provide highway and maintenance personnel with up-to-date information on how to repair damaged W-Beam guardrail, the most frequently used barrier system. Three levels of damage are described and guidance is provided on the need and procedure for appropriate repairs. Appendices provide information on the resources (equipment, tools, crew, and time) that will be needed and forms for inspection and maintenance. FHWA.