Tailgate Talks

Tailgate Talks are ready-to-go resources to create regular safety dialogue in your team

We're pleased to provide a (growing!) collection of over 70 different Tailgate Talks to be used with your teams to promote ongoing safety training and attention to safety and wellness.  We are grateful to the LTAP centers, NLTAPA, and other organizations that make these resources available to us.  UNH T2 recommends you verify the accuracy and alignment of content prior to use, including in regards to state and local regulations and your agency policy.  

Complete List of Tailgate Talks available here! 

For your convenience, we also provide information on how to conduct a Tailgate Talk, and sample sign-in sheets you might use to capture confirmation of attendance at your own team's Tailgate Safety Talk.  We also feature Tailgate Talks on our Facebook GoLive!

"How to Conduct a Tailgate Talk" Document 1     Document 2

"Tailgate Talk Sign In Sheet"  Document


Additional resources used in past UNH T2 Tailgate Talks GoLives:​