Training Program

The Roads Scholar Program establishes educational and training requirements for municipal level highway practitioners, and recognizes those who have successfully completed specified T2 Center Programs. Annually, the T2 Center publishes a directory to acknowledge those who have earned an achievement level among our Roads Scholars.

NH Roads Scholar Program Achievement Levels

There are four levels in the NH Roads Scholar Program. As outlined below, each level has a defined number of contact hours, and level two requires specific subject area coverage. A contact hour is an hour of actual instruction. Therefore, a typical one day workshop includes five hours of instruction, which will earn you five credits. A specific subject area is defined for each workshop. We have specific subject area coverage to ensure training covers a range of subjects essential to local road management. Consult our training calendar for information on workshop dates and subject areas.

♦ Roads Scholar 1

(Level 1)

Requires 25 contact hours.

♦ Roads Scholar 2

(Level 2)

Requires 50 contact hours and specific subject area coverage, including:

  • 25 hours of technical road maintenance or repair.
  • 5 hours supervision or personal development.
  • 5 hours liability or safety.
  • 5 hours environmental.
  • 10 additional hours (electives).

♦ Senior Roads Scholar

(Levl 3)

Requires 75 contact hours.

♦ Master Roads Scholar

(Level 4)

Requires 100 contact hours.

2011 NH Roads Scholar Directory

Roads Scholar Program FAQ's


Reasons to become a NH Roads Scholar:

  • Earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs) and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for licensure. *PDHs and CEUs are now awarded for free through UNH.

  • Learn relevant information from people in the field.

  • Gain peer support and recognition.

  • Network with local people and others across the state.

  • Official letters are sent to your supervisor, town selectman, and a copy for yourself.

  • Awards and certificates are presented at each level.

  • Your name is published in Road Business Newsletter and Annual Roads Scholar Directory.

  • Meet new people while having fun and experience something new!

  • Master Roads Scholars are featured with a portrait in Road Business and invited to a graduation luncheon.