UNH CEE Capstone Project Proposal Opportunity

The Civil and Environmental Engineering department at UNH requires that all graduating seniors participate in our Capstone design experience.  This year-long class presents students with an opportunity to work as part of a team to apply engineering, communication, and management skills.  At this time, we are contacting companies, municipalities, and public agencies to request proposals for engineering projects for the course.  Projects that include multiple engineering disciplines (i.e., structural, geotechnical, environmental, water resources) are strongly encouraged.  Recent projects undertaken for New Hampshire municipalities include:

  • Newport – reservoir capacity and intake evaluation
  • Concord – rail/trail feasibility
  • Manchester – park renovations and master planning
  • Francistown – intersection upgrade alternatives
  • Lebanon – landfill closure
  • Dover - illicit discharge detection
  • Manchester - roadway / river slope stabilization
  • Whitefield - transfer station study
  • Concord - stormwater upgrade study

If you are interested in participating, complete an on-line Project Proposal by August 25, 2020  (https://unh.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_37Yh07AhviaAsNn) for each project.   If you have any questions or would like additional information, contact the Capstone Coordinator Tony Puntin (anthony.puntin@unh.edu or  (603) 496-1784).  

The basic timeframe for the Capstone projects is as follows:

Fall Semester

Late August – Early September

  • Municipalities will “pitch” their projects to the UNH seniors. This occurs via a 5-minute presentation, either live or virtually.
  • Students will be assigned projects based on their submitted preference after the project presentations are complete.
  • The student teams will schedule a kick-off meeting (live or virtually) with the client to develop a scope of services and list of deliverable.
  • Student submit scope of service and list of deliverable to UNH advisor and review panel.

October – December

  • Students develop and submit Preliminary Design Report.
  • Students present project to client, project advisor, and review panel.


Spring Semester

February – March

  • Students develop and submit updated Preliminary Design Report.


  • Students present project at UNH’s Undergraduate Research Conference. Clients encouraged to attend.


  • Students submit Final Design Report.
  • Students make final presentation of their capstone at UNH to UNH advisor, review panel and client.