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Our Latest Video

Gravel Road Maintenance: Meeting the Challenge (38 mins., DVD)
Provides instruction on proper gravel road maintenance techniques. MN LTAP. The video is broken down into 6 parts: Introduction, Correct Roadway Shape, Shaping the Roadway, Good Surface Gravel, Dust Control, & Additional Resources.

Gravel Road Maintenance & Front Runner Training (90 mins., DVD)
Discusses what is necessary for proper gravel road maintenance and how to accomplish the task. The video features the FrontRunner grader/rake system. Maine Camp Roads Trainer.

The Muddy Roads Project (20 mins., DVD)
A study in VT on BMP's for maintaining gravel roads during mud season. Vermont Agency of Transportation and ERDC-CRREL.

Problems with Gravel Roads, (55 mins., DVD)
Discusses how to recognize, fix, and prevent problems associated with gravel roads and discusses equipment operation. FHWA, 1995.


DPW: Salt Truck Calibration

Acessible Sidewalks: design issues for pedestrians with disabilities (DVD)

Infrastructure Asset Management (Streaming)
Useful for municipalities interested in asset management and infrastructure. Connecticut DOT

Construction Career Days: A Step into Your Future (DVD)
Explains the purpose of construction career days and the benefit to the construction industry of recruiting people to enter the construction workforce. UT Construction Career Days.

Hollow Bar Soil Nails: Pullout Test Program (DVD)
Comparisons between the pullout test results showed that the HBSNs generally developed larger bond strength values in granular soils than the SBSNs. Three installation methods for purposes of pullout and proof testing were evaluated. Of which two were found to be to be satisfactory; however, the third one noted to have a significant Doughnut Effect and was not recommended for pullout testing. FHWA.

This video describes the impact of social media worldwide, and includes interesting facts related to the usage of sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Useful for municipalities looking to expand their community base online. Socialnomics09.


The Importance of Roadway Drainage (19 min., DVD)
Emphasizes the importance of drainage, including surface and subsurface drainage, drainage systems, and procedures for their inspection and repair. FHWA.

Culvert Replacement (12 min. DVD)
Covers step-by-step procedure for replacing an entrance pipe culvert. IL DOT.

Incident Command System (DVD)

Operational Safety for Public Works Emergency Responders (streaming)

Roadway Safety Disaster Response (DVD)

Your Safety on the Line (DVD)

Dangerous Travelers: Controlling Invasive Plants Along America's Roadways (26 min., DVD)

Highway Safety & Trees: The Delicate Balance (21 min., DVD)
Encourages highway agencies and the public to work together to improve safety while minimizing damage to the environment. FHWA.

Installing a Pond Leveling Device and other Beaver Mitigation Strategies (DVD)

Liquid Assets: the story of our water infrastructure (DVD)

Solar Highways (4 mins., streaming)
An endorsement for using the country's highways as a source of solar power.

Successful Roadside Revegetation Using Native Plants (24 mins, DVD)
The use of native plants in roadside revegetation has evolved as a much better approach for the ecosystem. This DVD documents the processes and techniques used in successful and innovative projects that used native plants for roadside revegetation. 

Your National Forest Roads (DVD)

2011 New Hampshire: Irene Report (DVD)
This report presents a detailed overview of the preparation, response and outcomes of PSNH’s historic achievement. This DVD also a slideshow of photos from the damage of Irene along with Power Restoration Videos. PSNH.

Designing an Efficient Nighttime Sign Inspection Procedure to Ensure Motorist Safety (DVD)

Equipment Management Systems, (DVD)
This video discusses information on vehicle fleet management including controlling equipment management costs, safety issues, tracking repairs, and planning.

Grader Safety, Maintenance, and Operation, (DVD)
Video includes 3 parts: pre-start walk-around and daily service on machine, operator station with controls and safety systems, and safety tips when operating the machine. John Deere, 2004.

Operator's Pre-start Motor Grader Inspection, (DVD)
Discusses safety procedures, including the pre-trip inspection, machine maintenance, operator's manual, operator safety apparel, and inspecting damage to the machine. TEEX & LTAP, February 2010.

This video explains how potholes are formed in our roadways.


Illustrates what happens below the surface of highways after 50 years of traffic. Drivers can feel the bumps and potholes, but what they don't see is how rock and soil layers supporting the roadway crumble regardless of what is done to the surface. Eventually, the highway has to be completely rebuilt and the price tag grows the longer the work is delayed. MO DOT.


Preventive Maintenance: Project Selection (30 min., DVD)
The principal is to apply the right treatment to the right roa at the right time. It explains the advantages of preventive maintenance and the importance of preserving the life of the road, rather than restoring it. FHWA.

Recycled Materials for Local Engineers (DVD)

Recognize React Recover: Using Rumblestrips to prevent run-off-the-road crashes (interactive DVD)
This instructional video includes six modules regarding rumblestrip effectiveness. The modules covered include an introduction and description of the run-off-the-road (ROR) problem, ROR victim stories, rumblestrips and how the work, causes of ROR crashes and prevention strategies, expert driver discussion of how to safely recover if you ROR, and a resource section with print and audio/video materials to help drivers be safe and avoid ROR crashes.

Roadway Safety +: A Road Construction Industry Consortium Training Program (interactive DVD)
This program provides two instructional modules; Basic Awareness and Advanced Modules. Topics covered are common hazards in highway and road construction, simple prevention measures, presentation, set up, and control for supervisors/managers.

Virtual Superpave Laboratory (interactive DVD)

Accessible Sidewalks: Design Issues for People with Disabilities, DC-2 (41 min., DVD)

Provides appropriate design guidelines and recommendations for roads and sidewalks for people who use wheelchairs, have ambulatory impairments, low vision, and are blind. US Access Board.

Analyzing and Solving Local Traffic Problems (streaming)
A collection of videos explaining how to identify, analyze, and solve various local traffic issues. Connecticut DOT.

Best Practices: Berming (DVD, 10 min)
The purpose of this video is to provide a basic understanding of roadway maintenance regarding berming. Ohio DOT.

Common Maintenance Problems and Causes (21 min., DVD)
Discusses problems with gravel roads, paved and unpaved shoulders, and drainage and presents typical causes of these problems. FHWA.

Dangerous Travelers – Controlling Invasive Plants Along America's Roadways (26 min., DVD)
This is the first video of a series on invasive species prevention best management practices. It targets road maintenance personnel and equipment operators. USDA Forest Service, 2006stamping process. Stampcrete.

Lifelines – Your National Forest Roads DC-3 (32 min., DVD)
Explores the relationship between people and the land past, present and future. It also celebrates the partnership between the USDA Forest Service, Federal Lands Highway Administration, and state and local communities in providing continued stewardship and access to national forests. USDA Forest Service, 2006

Emergency Response Guidebook 2008 (20 min., DVD)
The ERG is a guide to aid first responders to quickly identify the specific or generic hazards of the material(s) involved in an incident, and to protect themselves and the general public during the initial response phase of an incident.

Flagger Operations & Procedures (18 min., DVD)
Discusses importance of following safety procedures for both the flagger and the traveler. USDOT & FHWA.

New Hampshire Public Works Mutual Aid Program, PA-236 (12 min., DVD or streaming)
This is an informational video that explains the benefits of joining the NH Public Works Mutual Aid program.

Road Safety Audits - A New Way of Doing Business, ST-3 (14 min., DVD)
RSA Mini and RSA Overview. FHWA.

Roadway Safety Fundamentals (streaming)
This video provides the basics of roadway safety. Connecticut DOT

Rumble Strips: A Sound Investment, ST-4 (DVD)
This video on shoulder and centerline rumble strips and rumble stripes is intended to introduce you to a cost-effective treatment that has been proven to provide results by saving lives. USDOT & FHWA.

Safe Flagger Operations and Procedures, ST-5 (DVD)
Explains flagging procedures on-site, including night operations, and single - and two flagger operations. ATSSA.

Safe Mowing Procedures (17 min., download)
Mowing in the "right-of-way," noxious weeds, and safety. IL DOT, 2003.

Safe Tree and Brush Removal (19 min., download)
Demonstrates chain saw safety and maintenance, sawing techniques, falling trees, and trimming brush. IL DOT, 2003.

Safety Starts with Crash Data, ST-2 (23 min., DVD)
Encourages law enforcement personnel who collect data at crash scenes to thoroughly investigate these crashes and submit accurate, complete, and timely reports. USDOT, FHWA, Federal Motor Carrier Admin., & National Highway Traffic Safety Admin.

Using Rumblestrips to Prevent Run-off the Road Crashes, ST-12 (DVD)
Video includes six modules: 1) Introduction & description of run-off the road problem, 2) Run-off the road victim stories, 3) rumble strips & how they work, 4) causes of run-off the road crashes & prevention strategies, 5) expert driver discussion of how to safely recover if you run-off the road & 6) resource materials. Roadway Safety Foundation & SCDOT.

Chainsaw Safety (DVD)

This video is provided by the Roadway Safety Foundation, and is intended to help educate the public about older driver safety tips.


Teen Roadway Safety Advocates (4:46 min., DVD)
This video gives information about the Teen Roadway Safety Advocates Program, which was started as a way to improve road safety by engaging with the youth community. The TeenRSA Program is broken down into teams, which each provide a "fresh set of eyes" when evaluating local potential roadway safety problems. 

Stormwater Runoff, There is no Away (DVD)
Using local seacoast scenes, details the importance of the local watersheds and storm water impacts on area water bodies. In addition, public awareness and ideas on how to lessen pollution are shared. Seacoast Stormwater Coalition, 2003.

Retroreflectivity (streaming)
Offers guidelines on retroreflectivity, new requirements, and how-tos. Connecticut DOT.

Sign Maintenance and Installation (download)
Discusses the importance of a good sign maintenance program, proper sign installation, safety practices and record keeping procedures. FHWA, 1995.

Best Practices: Snow and Ice Control, Winter Formula (DVD)
The purpose of this video is focused on best practices for winter operations. Ohio DOT.

A Snowplow Operators Guide to Snow and Ice Equipment (DVD)
An interactive program with short segments on various winter operations and maintenance topics, such as types of equipment, mounting of equipment, inspection, anti-icing/de-icing, plowing techniques, and a final test. Note: This is an interactive computer program.

A Step in the Light Direction (7 min., DVD)
Video discusses importance of adhering to MUTCD (proper reflective clothing) while working along roadsides at night. MN DOT.

Defensive Flagging: A Survivor's Guide (DVD)
Video discusses the importance of following the MUTCD correctly. Video has English or Spanish versions. TX DOT, FHWA, TEEX.

Flagger Training for Highway Construction (35 min., download, English/Spanish)
Flagger training for Highway & Construction Employees, newest video for training purposes. NC DOT, 2003.

Flagging in the Workzone (10 min., DVD)
Discusses proper flagging practices and techniques that help make work zones safer for flaggers, workers, and roadway users. OR DOT and T2 Center.

Flagger Safety Training (streaming)
Discusses proper technique and safety for flaggers. Connecticut DOT.

Workzone Safety (DVD)
Discusses 1) traffic control devices 2) elements of a workzone 3) typical applications 4) good flagging procedures and 5) liability. Cornell Local Roads Program.

Work Zone Safety for Rural Local Agencies (102 min., DVD)
Touching on traffic control devices, zones, applications, and flagging techniques. Information also discussed about legal liability. UNC ITRE/FHWA

Work Zone Safety for Maintenance Operations on Rural Highways (12 min., CD)
Discusses the reasons for proper traffic control and it's relationship to safety in the workzone.

Work Zone Traffic Control Course (58 min., DVD)
Night Time Work-Zone Control, which explains the extra safety precautions to be exercised at night; The Parkway East - A People Moving Experiment, which describes planning used for rebuilding a Pennsylvania freeway; The Virginia I-95 Time Lapse, which briefly illustrates the repairing of I-95 in Virginia; and Flagging Procedures and Operations, which discusses duties, precautions, responsibilities, and flagging instructions. PA DOT & FHWA.

Vermont Local Roads produced a safety video on flagging in a workzone.