Utilizing the Group (Family) Portal

Accessing Family Portal (for administrators)

How to retrieve a username or reset a password

How to login to the family/group portal

Viewing Past Learning History for Confirmation of Completion (Important- this will only show history for courses the individual was registered for through the group account.  Courses taken prior to the group account being established, or courses that were registered for as an Individual and not through the group account, will not show up here.  The student must log in to his or her individual profile for more detailed information.)

How to add a new member to family/group  (important- new students will need to have their own primary email address.  If you need to "share" an email address, such as assign the group administrator's email address to a student profile, please contact T2.Center@unh.edu for assistance)

How to invite an existing student to family/group

How to remove a member from the family/group

Completing Registrations in the Family Portal

How to Enroll and select Payment Type for Family/Group Account

How to search for T2 Programs

Registering and Checking Out By Invoice (for municipal groups)

Review or Pay Down an Invoice in Family/Group Account

How to drop a registration in the family/group