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Please note that the documents on this page may not necessarily represent UNH T2 or its partners, sponsors, or affiliates viewpoints.  These materials are not maintained or otherwise reviewed by UNH T2 for specific applicability.  This document library is offered for local road agencies' convenience, to have a starting point to more easily facilitate your own documentation and communication needs.  Please review and utilize any documents as applicable and relevent to your organization.  Please also share any templates you may have created!  We're happy to add to this library to better support our local road agencies!  These documents may be in draft or unpublished form - if you require assistance accessing them (including in an alternative way) please reach out to

Wipes Visual from Laconia

Personnel Policies from Cornell Local Roads (supplement to Running Your Highway Department workshop)

Job Description Toolbox from Vermont League of Cities and Towns

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DPW PowerPoint templates from City of San Rafael