Green SnowPro & SALT Applicator Certification- Training

Green SnowPro Training Offered by UNH T2

Snowfighters' Seminar full initial certification training
Approved as a Green SnowPro full initial certification training.  Details and upcoming training dates and locations.
Data-Driven Winter Maintenance Planning GSP Refresher- learn how tracking your winter maintenance efforts and costs can help with future planning, improve efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance activities, save time, save money, and help in your operations. Discussion will include which data points to track, as well as various methods of maintaining the information.​

Do I need to take either the Refresher or full GSP this year to maintain my certificate?

UNH T2 cannot confirm individual certificate details, including certificate dates and renewal dates. We can provide transcript information to confirm when GSP or GSP Refresher training was taken with us, but certificate expiration dates may vary. Please contact the certifying agency, NHDES, to confirm when a Salt Applicator Certificate may be set to expire in order to determine whether you are due to take the Refresher or full GSP course. Email

Important Notice to Municipalities Regarding Green SnowPro Training and Salt Applicator Certification

The State of New Hampshire does not have authority to certify municipal salt applicators per the current statute wording (see Statute 489--Salt Applicator Certification Option C:1 Definitions) where as "Commercial applicator" means any individual who applies or supervises others who apply salt, but shall not include municipal or state employees. Although NH is unable to issue certificates to municipal employees at this time, the NH Department of Environmental Services (DES) is working on new legislation that would incorporate a voluntary program to include municipal employees. Meanwhile, municipalities are encouraged to actively participate in training opportunities such as Green SnowPro through UNH T2, in order to employ best management practices in snow and ice management in their communities.

Green SnowPro classes do qualify for Roads Scholar credits with UNH T2.

NHDES Salt Applicator Certification

For full information on the Green SnowPro certification programs, rules, regulations, and procedures to become certified and remain certified, visit the NHDES Green SnowPro webpage. Want more information on the Salt Applicator certification? Contact  

Salt Reduction Resources & Best Management Practices

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