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Student Account and Learning History FAQs 

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Printing a Course Completion Certificate (video)

Withdrawal Policy: In the event that you are unable to attend a program for any reason, please note you must submit your withdrawal via email to or via phone message to 603.862.1362 at least 72 hours in advance of the start of a program to receive a refund. If a withdrawal is not received by UNH T2 at least 72 hours prior to the program start, the full program fee will be charged and is nonrefundable.  Substitutions are allowable at any time, and UNH T2 staff will be happy to assist in registering an alternative attendee from your organization at no cost.  

If the T2 Center must cancel a workshop, an email notification will be sent at the earliest possible time.

Photographs and/or videos may be taken by UNH T2 and its authorized representatives for educational, marketing, training, and/or other communication purposes at workshops (in person or virtually) that UNH T2 hosts.  Photos and videos may be uploaded to our website, YouTube, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts), as well as photos may be used in print marketing materials, educational materials, and other material. 

If you have photos or video from one of our programs, we would love to share them with our community. Send it in or tag us on social media and we will be happy to feature your experience online or in print!

UNH T2 offers Roads Scholar credits for many workshops. By participating in a workshop designated for Roads Scholar credit, you are giving UNH T2 allowance to use your name and likeness in communications relevant to the Roads Scholars program, including our annual Roads Scholar directory, letters of recognition presented to your leadership and other authorities, and/or press releases & other materials.

Please advise us upon check-in if you do not wish to be photographed or recorded, and/or if you do not wish to participate in the Roads Scholar program, or have questions.

If you would like your image to be removed from our website or social media accounts, please let us know via an email to, including if possible, a link to where the photo or video is displayed.

Privacy Policy: A We use personal information for purposes of administering our business activities and providing customer service. We may also use the information we collect to notify you about important services and offerings we think you will find valuable. We are not responsible for the practices employed by websites linked to or from our website or the information or content contained therein.


UNH T2 shares a variety of training opportunities on its Training Calendar.  Some events are "JFYI" and may be of interest to some of our public works friends, but are not directly affiliated with, hosted by, or otherwise connected to UNH T2.  We're just letting you know in case the event is of interest to you!  These and some other events may not be eligible for NH Roads Scholar hours.

What are Electives?

Electives are a great way to jump start your participation in the New Hampshire Roads Scholar program!  You can apply up to ten (10) credit hours from training and professional development you've taken outside UNH T2 and in the scope and applicability of public works to your credit in the NH Roads Scholar Program.  To apply past training to the Electives portion of your Roads Scholar hours, submit proof of training completion, such as a course certificate, to UNH T2 for consideration.  

Pre- and Post-Evaluations & Attendance

For both virtual and in-person workshops, attendees must arrive within five minutes of the start of the workshop as well as be present and participating the entire time. In order to receive any applicable Roads Scholar credit, attendees should follow all instructions for checking in to the training event, as well as all instructions for evaluations and exams (if applicable).

Some courses will have additional or other requirements related to successful completion, and these expectations will be communicated at the start of the workshop.  

For full details about the criteria and expectation for earning NH Roads Scholar hours in a virtual session, see our document What to Expect When Logging in to a UNH T2 Zoom Session.

Will I receive Roads Scholar credit if I've taken a workshop previously and am retaking it?

Some attendees choose to retake a UNH T2 workshop, or are required to do so to maintain a certification.   The following outlines scenarios in which a workshop may again be eligible for NH Roads Scholar hours when taken an additional time.

  • If the course is required to be taken on a scheduled basis in order to maintain certification, such as Certified Culvert Maintainer and Green SnowPro, UNH T2 will identify those attendees retaking the certification course and apply additional NH Roads Scholar credit as appropriate.
  • If in consultation with UNH T2 prior to the workshop, it's agreed that the content in the workshop (the information being communicated, learning objectives, or other learning activities) has been significantly changed or updated since the individual last took the workshop, NH Roads Scholar hours may be applied to the course again. Since Learnforlife does not automatically apply "duplicate" course hours, it's important that attendees who've taken the same class in the past be sure to notify the UNH T2 facilitator or other UNH T2 staff so that we can manually apply the additional credit to his or her certificate.
  • If the course has not undergone significant changes in content, learning activities, or other learning objectives, attendees who've taken it in the past will not receive NH Roads Scholar credit for retaking the course.

For a webinar that does offer NH Roads Scholar credit, what is required to receive credit?

Please note that many webinars do not offer NH Roads Scholar credit. If a webinar is indicated on the calendar for credit, there are two primary requirements to receiving NH Roads Scholar hours  1) Each individual- or a team under the direction and supervision of their supervisor - must complete and satisfactorily past a post-test exam  immediately following the session. 2) Arrive on time.

Partial credit will not be given. Anyone arriving more than five minutes late to a virtual session may still be admitted to the session but will not be eligible for NH Roads Scholar hours.

How long do I have after the session to complete the post-test evaluation? Post-test evaluations must be completely immediately following the completion of the course.

How will I receive the link to the post-exam during the meeting, and what if I miss it?The link will be provided during the webinar, and notice will be given to capture the link before the meeting room is closed. The link CANNOT BE DISTRIBUTED after the webinar ends and the meeting room closes, this helps us insure the quality of the NH Roads Scholar program by ensuring everyone who receives credit was actively engaged throughout the full webinar. Since the link will not be provided via email or other methods, and will only be provided during the meeting, it is important to remain on the webinar and capture the link when the facilitator provides it. Students will have 20 minutes from the time the session ends and the Zoom room closes to log in and complete their post-session exam. If for any reason you are having trouble accessing the link when it is shared in the Zoom room, please be sure to use the Chat function, or unmute yourself, to notify the facilitator so that access issues can be resolved before the Zoom meeting room is closed.

What if I do not pass the post-session exam? The post-session exam will be based upon the learning and information shared during class. It is a scored evaluation, and in order to receive any applicable NH Roads Scholar hours, students must correctly pass the exam. UNH T2 will score the post-test evaluation within 3 business days, and will notify anyone who did not successfully pass. There will be an option to retake the evaluation once. UNH T2 staff can be available to assist with the post-session exam retake. If you require accommodations or other assistance to support your classroom experience, and/or to take the post-session exam, please let us know at your earliest opportunity. Some accommodations may require additional time to confirm. Individuals who pass the post-session exam and meet the other participation and attendance requirements (including arriving on time) will be able to review their class records and proof of course completion in

Can I audit a class if I’d rather not complete the post-session exam? Sure! If you are interested in the class topic, but for any reason do not want to or have time to complete the pre- or post-test evaluation, or perhaps you arrive more than 5 minutes late and are not eligible for Roads Scholar credits, you can still attend the class. This is considered to be “auditing” the class. You will not be eligible for Roads Scholar hours, and also will not receive a certificate of completion, but the knowledge and information are still just as valuable! 

If a virtual attendee does not complete all requirements of participation, including all steps for attendance, s/he will see an "Incomplete" on his or her transcript, and will not receive Roads Scholar hours.   

Social Media and PWnet Group Acceptable Use Policy: UNH T2 welcomes your opinions and encourages open discussion. If we become aware of messages or posts that contain advertising or appear off-topic, use offensive or inappropriate language, are intended to defame, infringe someone's rights, or are a violation of law, we reserve the right to remove them.  We also reserve the right to remove any member from a UNH T2 managed group or email list that violates this policy.

Invoices are payable "same day" upon receipt and can be paid by credit card or check. Your "seat" in a workshop is not confirmed if the invoice has not been paid.

Individual or Group billing contacts will receive a confirmation of registration and an invoice upon completion of registration.  This invoice comes from so please be sure your spam filters have been set to allow as a safe sender.  This is the only invoice you will receive. Invoicing is available for state and municipal agencies, but all invoices are payable upon receipt.  If your agency requires a printed invoice or has another special invoice requirement, please contact prior to registering so we can assist you.

View our hosting requirements and reach out to to review opportunities to host!

Special assistance or accommodations to access UNH T2 programs or content

If you need assistance in accessing UNH T2's resources, programs, or events with any accommodations or in alternate formats, please contact us at  Some accommodations may require advance notice. Please contact us via email at or phone at 603.862.1362 at least 5 business days prior to the event or other requested accommodation.