Public Works Email List

NH LTAP supports the following Email List:

CLOSED- This is a closed group for those associated with public works; subscription is available upon request and review:

  1. Public Works Net - PW.Net is an electronic mailing list for open discussion among people who are associated with Public Works. This list is not to be used for the purpose of solicitation of products, although products may be discussed for the purpose of providing support to other members. This is a fine line, do NOT try to take advantage of it. Offenders will be warned if this line is crossed and REMOVED if the behavior continues.

To request subscription to the list, send an email to include your name and affiliation.  Please note that this list is a closed list and the NH LTAP reserves the right to remove anyone at any time.

If you are added as a member, please read and observe the following guidelines:

  1. SUBJECT LINE: Include a SUBJECT line that accurately reflects the content of your message. This allows members who are not interested in the topic to bypass the message.
  2. FLAMERS WILL BE REMOVED: A FLAME is a message containing abusive content of any sort: name calling, profanity, ridicule of another member's beliefs, opinions, etc. Flaming will not be tolerated. If you disagree with another member's post, then send the note directly to that member and not to the entire list. If flaming occurs, the offender will be immediately removed from the list at the list manager's discretion and NOT open to dispute. Pay close attention to the next guideline.
  3. HUMOR & SARCASM: Be CAREFUL with humor and sarcasm. Messages can be easily misinterpreted without voice inflection. Subtle humor tends to get lost and may be interpreted as a flame.
  4. BE BRIEF: Never say in ten words what you can say in fewer. A good message is only one or two sentences long. Remember, the longer your message, the fewer people will bother to read it.
  5. REPLYING: When replying to a message, please only "CC" the entire list if your response is pertinent to all.
  6. ENCODED MESSAGES: Please do not send encoded messages. Most people will delete these without reading them.
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