Culvert Maintainer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Culvert Certification Basic Information:

 Eligible individuals (see above) need only fill out this DES application.  There is no fee for application.

***The certification is valid through December 31st of the following year.***

  • Certified individuals may maintain, repair, replace, or modify culverts up to a maximum diameter of 48'', or the hydraulic equivalent without prior DES permit
  • All maintained culverts must be able to pass flow without causing damage to upstream or downstream properties
  • All performed maintenance must be in accordance with NHDOT Best Management Practices for Routine Roadway Maintenance

All certified individuals must file a quarterly report form to DES detailing their maintenance activities for that quarter.

  • Municipal or state employees who have successfully completed the Culvert Maintainer Certification and passed the exam.
  • NH Licensed Professional Engineers who are employed by or performing services for the state or NH municipalities.

**NH Licensed PE's May Apply For Certification Without Taking The Training Course**

  • Work on culverts with a history of overtopping
  • Work on double culverts regardless of diameter
  • Slip lining or other methods which reduce the diameter of the culvert

For these scenario please file a routine roadway permit BEFORE performing work or contact DES for specific questions and instructions.  More information on some roadwork permits may be found here