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The Mutual Aid Program for Public Works is the first statewide program in the U.S. specifically for Mutual Aid among Public Works Departments.  The concept for the program was developed by Chum Cleverly, Public Works Director in Bow, NH.

To join, all the forms are located under "Joining Mutual Aid."  Once you become a member, see "Requesting" or "Providing" Mutual Aid to learn how to use the Program.   It is important that members keep their contact information updated.  

If you have questions or concerns about the Program please contact the UNH T2 Center Staff at 603-862-2826 or t2.center@unh.edu.

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3/23/2022 at 11 AM - An Introduction to NHPWMA & Other Components for Public Works' Resiliency During Emergencies  - FREE virtual session (Details & Registration)

3/24/2022 at 2 PM- Board Meeting virtually - 603.862.1362 or contact T2  for log in details

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