Mutual Aid Members, Links, and Other Resources

Complete List of ALL NHPWMA Members - highway departments, water, sewer, electric and other participating entities


 Highway Department Members

            Participating Communities

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      Building Inspector Members

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 Water & Wastewater Members

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FAQs on Mutual Aid for Municipalities

Flow Chart to Help Request Aid

Reference Sheet

Text Messaging and Emergency Preparedness


The following links have been provided by: NH Homeland Security & Emergency Management and Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA Equipment Rates

FEMA Public Assistance Forms

FEMA Resource Definitions


Water/Wastewater Resources

Reimbursement Tips for Water Sector Emergency Response and Recovery

FAQs on Mutual Aid for Water/Wastewater

Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC): Tips for the Water Sector

NHDES General Water Fact Sheets

Water Sector National Incident Management System (NIMS) Implementation Objectives

Water and Wastewater Typing Assistance Manual


EMAC and Interstate Mutual Aid

Memorandum of Agreement: Interstate Mutual Aid under EMAC