Providing Mutual Aid

Read or print the reference sheet

  1. Determine if your community is a member by searching the member list available here
  2. Determine if your community has adequate resources.
  3. Notify recipient that you can respond, both verbally and in writing.
  4. Designate a lead person or supervisor sent to assist with incident and to work with recipient representative.
  5. Assign work, establish work schedules.
  6. Provide communication equipment for provider employees.
  7. Maintain daily time records, logs of equipment hours, and other expenses.
  8. Make progress reports to recipient.
  9. Give 24 hour notice of intent to end assistance.
  10. Document all expenses, including:
    1. All payroll costs, including fringe benefits.
    2. Employee expenses, travel to/from area, food, housing, etc.
    3. Use of equipment, including fuels, supplies, and repairs caused from providing assistance.
    4. General supplies or materials provided.