Requesting Mutual Aid

Read and/or Print the Reference Sheet

  1. Determine if your community is a member by searching the member list available here.
  2. Request assistance only when local municipal resources are deemed inadequate.
  3. Request help by contacting other members directlly.
    1. Use the available inventory list to determine what aid is needed.
    2. Use the resource list to determine which community help will be requested from.
    3. You may also use the toll-free number to request help: 1-877-731-9908
  4. Follow-up the request in writing and include the following information (as applicable)
    1. Description of affected area; condition/damage
    2. I.D. service functions needed (be specific)
    3. Specify infrastructure affected; i.e. water, sewer
    4. Describe aid and assistance needs; duration, supplies
    5. Facility needs; i.e. shelters, staging areas for incoming goods
    6. **Sample Requesting Mutual Aid Letter
  5. Contact State and Federal assistance if needed