Roads Scholar Program

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The Roads Scholar Program establishes educational and training requirements for municipal level highway practitioners, and recognizes those who have successfully completed specified T2 Center workshops.  Annually, the T2 Center publishes a directory to acknowledge those who have earned an achievement level among our Roads Scholars.

2020 Roads Scholar Directory- Listing

As of April 1, 2015, there are six levels in the NH Roads Scholar Program, plus an additional "side award."  As outlined below, each Level has a defined number of contact hours, and Level II requires attendance at workshops in specific subject areas.  A contact hour is an hour of actual instruction. Therefore, a typical one day workshop includes 5 hours of instruction, and a specific subject area to ensure that training covers a range of subjects essential to local road management.  Please take a look at our training calendar for the current schedule.

Up to 10 hours of Elective courses (training that has taken place outside of T2's workshops, yet would be something of similar topic or subject areas) may be applied to an individual's total Roads Scholar hours.  For outside training hours to be considered, please provide a copy of the certificate from the outside training along with the number of hours spent in that training to the T2 Center staff.

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The Road Scholar Levels are:

♦ Roads Scholar I - 25 Contact Hours

♦ Roads Scholar II - 50 contact hours

     Minimum Hours:

      5 hours of Environmental 
      10 hours of Safety 
      5 hours of Supervisory
      20 hours of Technical 
      10 additional or elective hours 

♦ Senior Roads Scholar - 75 contact hours

♦ Master Roads Scholar - 100 contact hours

♦ Master Roads Scholar II - 150 contact hours and Safety Champion (see below)

♦ Advanced Master Roads Scholar - 200 contact hours 

Along with earning the minimum required 200 Road Scholar hours, the objective of earning this prestigious level of achievement is to participate in, and help improve, the working lives of your colleagues and the public works community. Your passion for this field is evident by your commitment to professional growth and development. 

Submit a request of intent to the LTAP Advisory Board for acknowledgement and guidance in order to begin your journey to the Advanced Master Roads Scholar level,

Upon receipt, a member of the Advisory Board will contact you to discuss and support you through the process of determining a project, based on a variety of factors, that will meet the goals of the award level and that will offer the best opportunity for success.* 

Whether you wish to instruct, mentor, develop outreach programs, inspire teenagers in this field, bring innovations to your community and others, or partner with UNH T2 on one of their many projects, this Advanced Master Roads Scholar program encourages you find a meaningful and supportive way to utilize your expertise and wealth of knowledge to help others in the PW community reach greater levels of professional development and proficiency.  

*Select from our ideas list, or you may present your own idea or concept that fits this description at the time of making your intent known.

♦Safety Champion - 20 contact hours of courses under Safety category

This is a side award given once a recipient achieves 20 Safety hours, regardless of what Level the recipient is in within the Program.  Safety Champion award is a requirement for the Master Roads Scholar II Level.