Roads Scholar Program

The Roads Scholar Program establishes educational and training requirements for municipal level highway practitioners, and recognizes those who have successfully completed specified T2 Center workshops.  Annually, the T2 Center publishes a directory to acknowledge those who have earned an achievement level among our Roads Scholars.

2018 Road Scholar Directory


As of January 1, 2015, there are six levels in the NH Roads Scholar Program, plus an additional "side award."  As outlined below, each Level has a defined number of contact hours, and Level 2 requires attendance at workshops in specific subject areas.  A contact hour is an hour of actual instruction. Therefore, a typical one day workshop includes 5 hours of instruction, and a specific subject area to ensure that training covers a range of subjects essential to local road management.  Please consult our training calendar for our current schedule.

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The Road Scholar Levels are:

♦ Roads Scholar 1

    Requires 25 contact hours

♦ Roads Scholar 2

    Requires 50 contact hours in specific subject areas:

      5 hours of Environmental 
      10 hours of Safety 
      5 hours of Supervisory
      20 hours of Technical 
      10 additional hours 

♦ Senior Roads Scholar

    Requires 75 contact hours

♦ Master Roads Scholar 

    Requires 100 contact hours

♦ Master Roads Scholar 2

    Requires 150 contact hours and individual must be a Safety Champion (see below)

♦ Advanced Master Roads Scholar 

    Requires 200 contact hours *

* The parameters for the Advanced Master Roads Scholar are still being worked out, but it will likely include helping the T2 Center in some capacity, i.e., instructing workshops.  If you are close to this many hours, we will work with you to determine how this level can be achieved.


♦ Safety Champion 

    Requires 20 hours of Safety **

** This is a side award given once a recipient achieves 20 Safety hours, regardless of what Level the recipient is in the Program.  Once the individual gets to 150 hours, this begins to count towards Roads Scholar Levels as noted in Master Roads Scholar 2.