Storm Tracker Spreadsheet Request

The winter storm response tracker is an Excel workbook intended to help small municipalities track product cost and use, labor costs, and other storm data for winter operations. The tracker was released by UNH T2 on 12/4/2023 in beta test mode and is subject to edits, corrections, and refinements. Complete the form below to request a copy of the storm tracker for your use in your municipality; provide your name, organization and email address to help us keep you informed of any changes to the storm tracker.

We will email you a copy of the storm response tracker within 7 business days of receipt of your request via the below form.

We also ask that in the spirit of making this spreadsheet as helpful and accurate as possible, you report any issues, errors, or other feedback to to help us in developing the final product. 

Videos that will assist you in customizing and using the storm tracker:
  1. Initial storm response tracker setup (customizing your community's costs, employee roster, etc.)
  2. Using the storm response tracker (entering and saving data by storm)
  3. Updating the tracker annually (preparing it for a new winter of tracking) - coming soon!
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