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NH Local Technical Assistance Progam ("LTAP")

Mission: To foster a safe, efficient, and environmentally sound surface transportation system by improving skills and increasing knowledge of the transportation workforce and decision makers 

 Vision: Improve the quality and safety of the surface transportation system through collaborative partnerships, training and information exchange 


The Local and Tribal Technical Assistance Programs (LTAP & TTAP) were established in 1982 and 1991, respectively, by the United States Congress.  Currently there are 58 Centers – one in every state, Puerto Rico and regional Centers serving tribal governments.

The LTAP/TTAP Centers enable local counties, parishes, townships, cities and towns to improve their roads and bridges by supplying them with a variety of training programs, an information clearinghouse, new and existing technology updates, personalized technical assistance and newsletters.  Through these core services, Centers provide access to training and information that may not have otherwise been accessible.  

The NH LTAP was officially created in 1986 at the University of New Hampshire, one of the second wave of university sites selected to house this program.  Support for the program is provided by the Federal Highway Administration, the NH Department of Transportation, and the University of New Hampshire.


LTAP Documents:

2018 Training Calendar

2018 NH Roads Scholar Directory

2018 Management Plan

2016 Annual Report

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