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In-person workshop guidelines during COVID-19 

Please review the following documents for 'in-person workshop' settings (updated on 7/1/2020):

Attending a UNH T2 Virtual event? 

Check out "Getting the most from your virtual meeting" to get ready for a super training event!  Please also reference information about earning NH Roads Scholar hours for virtual events.  

Do I register for in-person workshops with a Group Portal Link or Learn for Life?

New in 2021- all registrations are processed through learnforlife.unh.edu  by clicking directly to the site from our training calendar.  Previous "Group Portal" accounts were transitioned over to the family portal effective 2/1/2021, and group admins should have received information on how to complete registrations going forward.  We've also put together a series of short tutorial videos with common tasks family portal adminstrators may complete.  Any questions or can we assist?  Contact us at t2.center@unh.edu .

Cancellation Policy:

If you must cancel a registration, contact the UNH T2 Center as soon as possible as cancellations must be made at least 3 business days prior to the workshop date in order to issue a refund.  Cancellations received after this deadline or "no-shows" at the workshop may be charged the full fee.  Substitutions may be made without prior notice.

If the T2 Center must cancel a workshop, an email notification will be sent at the earliest possible time.

Photography and/or Video Recording During Workshops:

Photographs and/or videos may be taken by UNH T2 and its authorized representatives for educational, marketing, training, and/or other communication purposes. UNH T2 offers Roads Scholar credits for many workshops. By participating in a workshop designated for Roads Scholar credit, you are giving UNH T2 allowance to use your name and likeness in communications relevant to the Roads Scholars program, including our annual Roads Scholar directory, letters of recognition presented to your leadership and other authorities, and/or press releases & other materials. Please advise us upon check-in if you do not wish to be photographed or recorded, and/or if you do not wish to participate in the Roads Scholar program, or have questions.


The employer acknowledges and accepts that its participating representatives are acting within his or her scope of work while attending UNH T2 workshops.

About Earning NH Roads Scholar Credit

For information on how NH Roads Scholar hours are earned for eligible virtual or in-person workshops, as well as questions about retaking a UNH T2 program, please visit the NH Roads Scholar page.