We need photos - and who doesn't need ICE CREAM?

UNH T2 is excited to rollout our new website in August, as well as updated event and branding materials, workshop content, and other new communications that are underway!  It's time for us to fill our photo library with lots of great shots from your perspective, through your day, on your worksites and equipment.  Below are the details for what types of photos we're seeking, and how to submit them.  Every photo that is submitted through July will earn your team one raffle entry for the August 1st drawing for an Ice Cream Break for your team from UNH T2!

Imagine the types of photos you'd like to see in our workshop presentations, and then, send them in!  What types of photos we're seeking:

  • Good GRAVEL or PAVED roadways- the curves, the signage, the scenic roads, gravel roads, fresh pavement treatment, top-notch workzone sign packages in place -the more scenic, the better, but also show us the detail about what makes it a safe, well maintained roadway.   
  • To Be Improved Roadways - GRAVEL or PAVED - the stretches of road that are on your list for improvements - pavement issues, cracked pavement, drainage issues, gravel roads with slope or challenges, overgrown vegetation - you know what photos you find most helpful in workshops or other training events, and it's not always the "staged" photo that shows a perfect road.
  • Heavy equipment- pictures of the equipment moving through the project site, down the road, material being moved or coming off the equipment, as well as pictures from inside the equipment showing operators POV, knobs and levers, switches - detail is good.
  • People pictures- you and team members in planning meetings, tailgate talks, or other daily interactions
  • Culvert installation- think "up close detail" and broader scene pictures.  
  • Erosion Control efforts on your construction sites - showing various methods of controlling erosion during roadway maintenance and construction activities
  • Invasive and roadside vegetation - good examples of the types of invasives public works deals sees and addresses
  • Bridges including simple bridge scenes for when we need a generic local bridge photo, but also the up-close images that show bridge maintenance tasks
  • General maintenance tasks - pictures of your work zone setup plans, internal traffic control plan, garage before cleanup, garage after cleanup, equipment cleaning

Please make sure you follow all safety protocol when taking and submitting pictures!

Photos can be uploaded via the form https://t2.unh.edu/PhotoDrive, or can also be accepted via text message.  Contact Marilee at marilee.enus@unh.edu if you do not have her cell phone number and wish to text photos.