Winter Operations

Winter Operations

Another Sleepless Night? pdf
Guidelines to more productive "all-nighters" during winter operations. Primex.

Anti-Icing Chemical Guide pdf 
Choosing the best liquid anti-icing chemical for your specific needs. You may search the guide and submit information that is absent. The purpose is to build a database of available anti-icing chemicals. Wilfrid Nixon, IIHR Hydroscience, and Engineering, University of Iowa.

Anti-Icing of Local Roads Workshop Manual
A successful and effective anti-icing program on local New Hampshire roads. It is intended for use by public works managers and road agents as well as their crews. UNH T2 Center, September 2004.

Anti-Icing / RWIS Training  
This is a self-paced, interactive multimedia computer-based training program that follows adult learning principles. Includes, exercises, fun facts, word definitions, a glossary, and internet sites. After completing the lessons of the core anti-icing content students put their learning into practice in the Scenario Room by battling winter events using tools in a simulated environment. AASHTO, 2003.

Calcium Chloride Package
Uses for calcium chloride, chemical advantages, deicing, and options for deicing. General Chemical.

Maintaining Good Health During Winter Operations pdf
A guide to maintaining good health while working extended hours during the winter season. Includes helpful hints about what you should eat and getting enough sleep. LGC, Concord NH.

Minnesota Snow and Ice Control  
This is a Field Handbook for Snowplow Operators. MN LTAP, MN DOT, MN LRRB, August 2005.

Performance Measures For Snow And Ice Operations pdf
This Digest Summarizes The Findings From NCHRP Project 6-17, "Performance Measures Of Snow And Ice Control Operations." NCHRP.

Pre-wetting and Anti-icing: Techniques for Winter Road Maintenance pdf
Maintaining safe roads during winter storm conditions, specifically with the use of liquid chemicals. Wisconsin Transportation Bulletin.

Road Salt and Water Quality PDF
Road salt management, alternatives to road salt, and the DOT Reduced Salt Pilot Program. NHDES, 2004.

Salt Storage Building Design PDF 
Design of salt storage buildings used by the NHDOT to prevent sodium chloride infiltration into ground and surface waters. NHDOT.

Snow Disposal Guidelines: Environmental Fact Sheet PDF 
This quick info sheet explains recommended guidelines for snow disposal. NHDES, 2007.

Snow and Ice Control Best Management Practices: Parking Lots, Sidewalks, Roads PDF
There is much opportunity to improve the way we manage snow and ice in Minnesota. By using snow and ice control best management practices, you can improve your level of service and make the roads, parking lots, and sidewalks safer--while saving money and protecting water quality. Minnesota Circuit Training and Assistance Program.

Snow & Ice Fact-sheets pdf
Snow Fence, Controlling Material Applications, Radar and How it Works, Bridge Frost, Salt, Surface and Subsurface Temperatures, Air Temp. Dew Point Temp. & Relative Humidity, Eutectic Temperature, Rock Salts, Ice Cream Freezer Effect, Road Frost, Roadway Treatments, Chemical Concentration, Temperatures & Chemical Concentration, Deicing Chemicals, Endothermic and Exothermic, Hygroscopic Chemicals, Ice Penetration and Undercutting, and Ice Melting Capacity. The Salt Institute & IA DOT.

Snow Disposal Guidelines pdf 
Environmental Fact Sheet; flyer gives recommended guidelines for snow disposal. NHDES.

Snow Fighters Handbook pdf
Includes information on 1)How Important is the Winter Maintenance Function? 2) Train for Teamwork 3)Making Equipment Count 4)Other Pre-Winter Planning 5)Know Different Types of Snow 6)Calibration 7)Guidelines for Salt Application 8)Special Spreading and Plowing Problems 9) Anti-Icing 10)Deicing – Prewetting 11)After the Storm 12)A Word About Safety 13)Keep the Public Informed. The Salt Institute, 2007.

Snow Fighting Training Materials 
CD includes many handouts. The managerial handout and insert are designed as introductory overviews for the public official and the technical handout and insert are designed as introductory guides for operators. The Salt Institute, 2000.

The Salt Storage Handbook URL
Handling deicing salt, including storage, quantity of salt needed, ordering salt early, selecting the site, delivery and storage tips, and a storage area checklist. The Salt Institute.

Winter Maintenance Training Resources URL 
This website is maintained by the Salt Institute and features several articles and resources for winter maintenance professionals. Salt Institute.

Winter Operations Survival Lessons PDF
This document offers ten important procedures to follow in order to establish efficient, safe, and effective winter operations. University of Connecticut School of Engineering

Winter Parking Lot and Sidewalk Maintenance Manual PDF
The purpose of this manual is to deliver practical advice to those who manage parking lots and sidewalks. This manual will help you make better proactive, cost-effective choices in winter parking lot and sidewalk management. It will give you knowledge to become a leader in your industry by operating more efficiently and reducing environmental impacts. MN LTAP, June 2006.

Winter Parking Lot and Sidewalk Maintenance pdf
This fact sheet gives key features of the Winter Parking Lot and Sidewalk Maintenance Manual. It includes the following tables: Melt Times for Salt (NaCl) at Different Pavement Temperatures, Melting Characteristics, Variables Affecting Application Rate, Deicing Application Rate Guidelines for Parking Lots and Sidewalks, and Anti-Icing Guidelines. MN LTAP & Fortin Consulting, Inc.