Technical Assistance

We provide personalized technical assistance to NH municipal highway departments via phone, email, or special site visits.  Technical assistance may include the following:

  • maintenance of gravel roads
  • setting up a road budget
  • maintenance of culverts
  • maintenance of roadside ditches
  • pavement preservation

Safety Audits, or proactive investigation of your road network or specific location, of your roads may involve:

  • Examining roads for consistency from the user's perspective
  • Audit of roadwork projects through various stages of completion
  • Review of curve signing
  • Review of pedestrian areas
  • Identifying road user capabilities and limitations
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement in safety for all road users
  • Devising a low cost plan to address safety issues

If you would like to speak to someone about receiving technical assistance or a road condition or safety audit on any matter, please contact the UNH T2 Center at (603) 862-1362,, or fill out the form below. 

Technical Assistance is provided as a courtesy and may include additional recommended reading, resources, or follow up activities, as well as information and consideration from within our Technical Specialists' background, knowledge, and direct experiences. UNH T2 and its Technical Specialists cannot or do not provide design work, but we are happy to provide considerations, ideas, and guidance to assist municipalities in maintaining their road infrastructure.  With all technical assistance we provide, we encourage you to refer to state and local laws and regulations, your unique local conditions relative to the situation in question, and other variables before choosing a final course of action.

Please describe in detail what you need technical assistance with.
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