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Asphalt Patching Methods: Best Practices Manual
Minnesota Department of Transportation talks about the best practices for asphalt patching.
Pavement Document
Comprehensive Field Evaluation of Asphalt Patching Methods and Development of Simple Decision Trees and a Best Practices Manual
Minnesota Department of Transportation talks about asphalt patching methods and the development of simple decision trees.
Pavement Document
Best Practices for Patching Potholes in Asphalt Pavements
In order to prevent pothole failure, there needs to be a lack of water using drainage facilities etc.
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Permanent Pothole Patching
This resource is a demonstration of permanent patching methods and materials in potholes.
Pavement Video
Pavement Maintenance
This resource talks about why roads fail, repair techniques, pavement distress, choosing the right repair, crack repair, patching, and thin-wearing co...
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What is the Proper Technique for Filling Potholes?
This resource talks about the throw-and-roll technique for pothole filling.
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Pavement Distress Identification Manual
The DIM provides a common language for describing cracks, potholes, rutting, spalling, <br /> and other pavement distresses being monitored by a long...
Asset Management, Pavement Document
APWA Pothole Fact Sheet
APWA Pothole Fact sheet goes over the definition of potholes, how they are repaired, and how to prevent potholes.
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Maintenance of Signs and Sign Supports for Local Roads and Streets
This resource is about a list to help maintain signs and sign supports for roads.
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Micro Surfacing Application 
This resource is a checklist about Micro Surfacing Applications containing a project overview, material checks, surface preparation, equipment inspect...
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