Photo of Stephanie

Stephanie Cottrell
LTAP Coordinator

Stephanie Cottrell is a 3 year veteran of the LTAP grant and the UNH Technology Transfer Center. She was brought on board as the Training Coordinator for the LTAP and SADES in January, 2015 and is currently the LTAP Coordinator.  Stephanie has a B.S. in Communications from Lyndon State College, paving the way for her past career in TV broadcast engineering and production.  Over the last few years, she worked as the Strafford Wind Symphony’s General Manager, and still continues to play her flute with them.  In  January, 2014, she became an EMT and serves her community in the Lee area.  She also enjoys many outdoor activities and photography.

Photo of Butch

George "Butch" Leel
Senior Training Instructor


Butch Leel is the Senior Training Instructor and Technical Support Specialist for the LTAP at the UNH Technology Transfer Center, and has been at T2 since July, 2007.  He previously worked for the NHDOT, District 4, for 32 years as a Maintenance Supervisor.  Butch instructs training workshops, facilitates road manager meetings and provides technical assistance to NH municipal highway departments.

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Chris Dowd
SADES Manager