Culverts & Drainage

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Introduction to Statewide Asset Data Exchange Service
An introduction to asset inventory and management options for local agencies through NH's Statewide Asset Data Exchange Service (SADES) through U...
Asset Management, Certified Culvert Maintainer, Culverts & Drainage Video
Culvert Scour Assessment
Provides information about culverts assessment
Culverts & Drainage
Drain Pipe Install
This tailgate talk is about drain pipe installation and talks about what to do prior to the installation, on-site in the cab, and on-site on the groun...
Culverts & Drainage Tailgate Talk
Aquatic Organism Passage
This resource talks about creating aquatic organism passages that lets aquatic animals move through a stream without restrictions.
Culverts & Drainage, Stormwater & Erosion Control Web Link
Geosynthetic Materials Field Installation App
The Mobile App is a collaborative effort between the Federal Highway Administration's Local Aid Support and the Geosynthetics industry to provide...
Culverts & Drainage, Gravel Roads, Pavement Application
Best Management Practices for Resolving Human-Beaver Conflicts in Vermont
This document is about human-beaver conflicts.
Culverts & Drainage Document
Vermont Better Backroads Manual
This manual describes best practices for better backroads.
Culverts & Drainage, Gravel Roads, Rural Road Safety Document
NHDES Wetlands page
NHDES website focused on wetlands information and resources.
Certified Culvert Maintainer, Culverts & Drainage Web Link
Best Management Practices for Routine Roadway Maintenance Activities in New Hampshire
The purpose of this manual is to provide a menu of activities paired with best management practices from which all roadway maintenance personnel may s...
Certified Culvert Maintainer, Culverts & Drainage, Road Specifications & Design, Stormwater & Erosion Control Document
MN Guide for Stream Connectivity & Aquatic Organism Passage
Assists culvert designers in identifying, selecting, and implementing appropriate designs for <br /> maintaining aquatic organism passage (AOP) and s...
Culverts & Drainage Document