Culverts & Drainage

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Culvert Scour Assessment
Provides information about culverts assessment
Culverts & Drainage
Drain Pipe Install
This tailgate talk is about drain pipe installation and talks about what to do prior to the installation, on-site in the cab, and on-site on the groun...
Culverts & Drainage Tailgate Talk
Aquatic Organism Passage
This resource talks about creating aquatic organism passages that lets aquatic animals move through a stream without restrictions.
Culverts & Drainage, Stormwater & Erosion Control Web Link
Geosynthetic Materials Field Installation App
The Mobile App is a collaborative effort between the Federal Highway Administration's Local Aid Support and the Geosynthetics industry to provide...
Culverts & Drainage, Gravel Roads, Pavement Application
Best Management Practices for Resolving Human-Beaver Conflicts in Vermont
This document is about human-beaver conflicts.
Culverts & Drainage Document
Vermont Better Backroads Manual
This manual describes best practices for better backroads.
Culverts & Drainage, Gravel Roads, Rural Road Safety Document
NHDES Wetlands page
NHDES website focused on wetlands information and resources.
Certified Culvert Maintainer, Culverts & Drainage Web Link
Best Management Practices for Routine Roadway Maintenance Activities in New Hampshire
The purpose of this manual is to provide a menu of activities paired with best management practices from which all roadway maintenance personnel may s...
Certified Culvert Maintainer, Culverts & Drainage, Road Specifications & Design, Stormwater & Erosion Control Document
MN Guide for Stream Connectivity & Aquatic Organism Passage
Assists culvert designers in identifying, selecting, and implementing appropriate designs for <br /> maintaining aquatic organism passage (AOP) and s...
Culverts & Drainage Document