Resource Category Type
Driver Operator Safety
Tailgate talk on driver operator safety
Heavy Equipment Tailgate Talk
Backing Safety Tailgate Talk
Backing Safety Tailgate Talk
Heavy Equipment Tailgate Talk
Stormwater Best Management Practice Handbook
This document describes the best management practices for stormwater.
Stormwater & Erosion Control Document
Minimum Sign Retro-reflectivity Requirements
This document describes the retro-reflectivity requirements for signs.
Signs Document
Minnesota's Best Practices for Traffic Sign Maintenance/Management Handbook
This document describes how to remove unnecessary and ineffective signage.
Signs Document
Field Guide for Rural Roads
This document describes a safety guide on traffic control devices.
Rural Road Safety Document
Vermont Better Backroads Manual
This manual describes best practices for better backroads.
Culverts & Drainage, Gravel Roads, Rural Road Safety Document
Calibration Chart for Hydraulic Spreader - Interactive with Formulas
An interactive chart with built-in formulas to assist with hydraulic salt spreader calibration
Green SnowPro, Winter Maintenance Interactive Tool/ Calculator
CDL Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) Resources
A compilation of introductory and resource materials to assist in reviewing and navigating the CDL ELDT requirements.
Heavy Equipment, Hiring & Workforce Development, Leadership & Management Document
Manual of Best Practices and Techniques for Clearing Intersection Layouts
The purpose of this manual from Clear Roads is to present best practices and techniques for snow plowing various intersection layouts in a format…
Green Infrastructure, Winter Maintenance Document
Clearing Interchanges - Reference Cards (3)
Reference cards to go along with Clear Roads manual and guidance, as well as interchange clearing practice modules
Green SnowPro, Winter Maintenance Interactive Tool/ Calculator
Success Factors for Snowplow Route Optimization
A summary of a Clear Roads research project to help agencies understand the route optimization options that are available and share lessons learned…
Green SnowPro, Winter Maintenance Document
Identifying Best Practices for Snowplow Route Optimization
Best practices and considerations to for state agencies' route optimization and facility placement, including the use of commercial off-the-…
Green SnowPro, Winter Maintenance Document
Clear Roads Report - BMPs for Prevention of Equipment Corrosion
A report outlining practices to reduce impacts of corrosion from chloride on equipment
Green SnowPro, Winter Maintenance Document
NHMA Infrastructure Funding Resources
NH Municipal Association's dedicated website page for infrastructure funding information and resources.
Administration, Finance & Budgeting Web Link
Local Infrastructure Hub Advantage website
The Local Infrastructure Hub is a national program and website designed to connect cities and towns with the resources and expert advice they need to…
Administration, Finance & Budgeting Web Link
Best Practices for Plowing and Clearing Intersections & Interchanges
From Clear Roads - Researchers developed a 66-minute video (available below and as a video series) that showcases the most efficient pass sequences…
Winter Maintenance Web Link
Desalting Winter Equipment
Video reviewing best practices and steps in desalting winter maintenance equipment.
Green SnowPro, Winter Maintenance Video
Calibrating a Spreader
This video reviews one approach and steps to calibrating a salt spreader.
Green SnowPro, Winter Maintenance Video
AVL Advancements in Snow Plow Technology
A video reviewing advancements in snow plow technology including AVL Automated Vehicle Locator systems
Green SnowPro, Winter Maintenance Video