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FHWA Roundabouts
This FHWA resource talks about the benefits of the proven safety countermeasure, roundabouts.
Road Specifications & Design Web Link
SICOP Talks Winter Ops Podcasts
This podcast talks about implementing snow and ice control performance measures.
Winter Maintenance Web Link
The Western Snow and Ice
This resource provides the recordings of the 2020 western snow and ice conference sessions.
Winter Maintenance Web Link
Public Works Winter Storm Fighting Fact Sheet
This resource talks about the role of public works in winter storm fighting and planning for winter emergencies.
Winter Maintenance Web Link
FHWA Signalized Intersections Informational Guide
This resource talks about FHWA's safety program that evaluates the safety and design of signalized intersections.
Road Specifications & Design Web Link
U.S. DOT - Roundabouts
This resource by U.S. DOT talks about how roundabouts are a safer type of intersections and more of the benefits of roundabouts.
Road Specifications & Design Web Link
U.S. DOT - Safer Sign Supports: Are Yours Breakaway Yet?
This resource by U.S. DOT talks about breakaways, clear zones, and what sign supports breakaways.
Signs Web Link
FHWA Signal Timing on a Shoestring
This FHWA resource brings up the point that retiming traffic signals is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve traffic flow.
Road Specifications & Design Web Link
APWA Open Your Winter Tool Box Collection
This resource contains monthly series of the "open your winter toolbox collection".
Winter Maintenance Web Link
APWA Anti-Icing Brine Fact Sheet
This fact sheet by APWA includes definitions of salt brine, anti-icing, and differences between anti-icing and deicing.
Green SnowPro, Winter Maintenance Web Link
Clear Roads Research Program
Clear Roads Research program includes recent research results, videos, and other resources including on innovations in the field of winter maintenance
Winter Maintenance Web Link
Snow and Ice Pooled Fund Cooperative Program (SICOP)
Snow and Ice Pooled Fund Cooperative Program (SICOP) Winter Maintenance Technical Service Program. In 1993 a team of winter maintenance professionals…
Winter Maintenance Web Link
NHDOT's Winter Maintenance Snow Removal and Ice Control Policy
This resource goes over winter maintenance snow removal and ice control policy in New Hampshire.
Winter Maintenance Web Link
FHWA Snow and Ice
This publication by FHWA deals with all areas of snow and ice such as anti-icing, avalanche, blowing, frost, snow fences, and winter storm…
Winter Maintenance Web Link
FHWA's Work Zone Best Practices Guide
Work Zone Operations Best Practices Guidebook (Third Edition) provides an easily accessible compilation of work zone operations practices used and…
Work Zones Web Link
APWA Reporter Magazine
APWA Reporter is a monthly publication that serves as the prime communication link uniting the community of public works professionals who make up…
Administration Web Link
NHDOT's Focus on Research
NHDOT's focus on research talks about upcoming projects, completed projects, AID & EIC, and Technology Transfer
Administration Web Link
NHDOT's On The Move
NHDOT's on the move newsletter
Administration Web Link
FHWA Innovator
Innovator, published by the FHWA Center for Accelerating Innovation, advances implementation of innovative technologies and processes in the highway…
Administration Web Link
Minnesota Truck Weight Calculator
The Truck Weight Calculator provides a convenient way to determine the maximum legal weight that any set of axles on a vehicle/vehicle combination…
Heavy Equipment Web Link